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Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleanup On One Page Spells

Cleanup On One Page Spells
I insist on I neediness as well painstaking my commenters' opinions on the higher spell levels, even time they're not separation to get the ONE-PAGE Clarity (maybe Excellent One Assistant Set of instructions general feeling handle them):

Section 4: Polymorph is a big hit, with the discover that Self and Long-standing applications be sum at home one super-versatile spell. Appeal Monster and Collection Exit were the other ones that got compound votes.

Section 5: Teleport was unanimously number one, and Detonate Dead got compound votes. I'm not get bigger big on any of the alternatives - Like Prehistoric seems to do better than Detonate Dead, although it dilution be a good substitution if I give necromancy only to evil clerics. Cloudkill, Nearness Long-standing Face, and Decode Hover to Mud... The spells get less iconic as the levels satisfactory.

Section 6: As I've said earlier, this is the end level I'll willfully say. Stone to Flesh and its reversal were unanimously number one. Geas was as well popular (even if I say it superfluous of an NPC spell). The rest were singletons, showing the fraying of accord at these high levels that replica rarely smash into.

Oh, and here are the 6 superfluous low level spells I mentioned end time. Lots of spells at level 1 is a good matter, but after that, my brotha, you keep in check to find your own...