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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sirian Archangel Hermes 82113

Sirian Archangel Hermes 82113
Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as my channel has received this transmission and is ready to transmit it to all those who shall read or hear these words.

I wish to speak firstly of the trinity. The trinity which has given all of you that which you now possess. This trinity is known by many names and forms, I wish to be clear so I shall explain in the most simple of terms. The trinity is the spirit, the soul, and the body, the Father, the son, and the holy ghost. These can be classified into many singular terms for each, the spirit could also be known as the consciousness of the divine, your inner ethical and moral consciousness, the Father. The soul could also be known as the consciousness of man, of inner desires, ego, and emotion, the Son. The body could also be known as the consciousness of the vessel, of physical energy and sensory consciousness, that where the spirit and soul have taken root, the Holy Ghost. Think of this trinity as the left hand of god, the right hand of god, and the mind of god.

It is this trinity, which breathes life into each of you. These three forces work either in unison or against one another depending on ones level of spiritual development. The blessing of free will has allowed for most who dwell in this realm of the Earth, to let the body and the soul work against the spirit, though the spirit is always loyal to the Father. To elaborate further on this, I refer to the temptations of Earthly life. The soul and the body crave these temptations, which can manifest in addiction, bondage, greed, instant satisfaction, superiority and other such ego desires. The spirit however, is always reminding one that these desires are not for ones highest divinity. In ancient times, the trinity was balanced and the spirit guided the soul and body with perfection. However as linear time moves forward, in the only direction linear time can, the trinity became unbalanced. The soul and the body began to take over control of the mind, and this resulted in choices that continue to guide people away from the true teachings of the spirit and the Father. It became easier for mankind to give into to ego desires, knowing that the spirit was there, telling them that it is wrong, however with the instant gratification of the temptations of Earthly life, many became blinded to the rewards of the spirit, which for the most part are reserved for those who dwell in higher realms of consciousness. The spirit does not offer instant manifestation of the material, spirit teaches us that hard work, patience, temperance, inner courage, virtue, and commitment will lead one to material manifestations. The body and soul however, wish for these material things right away, with as little work as possible required.

For most of ones journey, the soul and the body will work against the spirit. It is only after one has reached enough experiences through chaos, that manifests from the alignment to soul and body, that one can shift their alignment to spirit. Spirit will automatically begin to balance the trinity with perfection when one has aligned to it. This state is known to most as the state of enlightenment. Through this state, the minds eye is opened, one begins to see beyond singular life timelines, into infinite time awareness and thus, the ego desires of the soul and body begin to take less precedence over the spirit and fade away. One comes into a space of peace and inner harmony, with the trinity now balancing itself and harmonic resonance becoming manifest into their lives in physical ways that will please the soul and body.

Just because one has reached a state of enlightenment, does not mean that they are not prone to a fall along the path. A fall can happen at any time, in any space depending on ones choices. This means that though one has reached such a state, they are not yet prepared to remain in such a state, and have further development to experience. Emotions are of the soul, the Son, they are aspects of the body and the spirit combined. They are both extremes and this is why emotions can feel very good, and can feel very bad. This is represented in the Caduceus wand, with the twin serpents being the soul and body, constantly dancing around the spirit which is guiding them both, it is also represented in the constellation of Ophiuchus, where man struggles with the serpent. It is only through emotional mastery, which comes through chaos, that one comes into alignment with the spirit, the Father, and then reaches enlightenment, signified as the golden disc and wings atop the Caduceus wand.

I wish now to reveal to you ways to earn the favors of the divine. The divine will not shine upon those who remain aligned to the body and the soul. The divine reveals its splendor to those in alignment with the Father and the spirit, because the divine knows these are the ones who will act beyond doubt, beyond fear and have the inner courage and virtue required to do what they have been sent to this space and this time to do. This is a parable that is repeated in the tales of your history.

Perseus required the aid of the gods to help him complete his tasks, it was only his courage that allowed for them to help. God cannot do for man, what man cannot do for himself. Perseus knew he could do it, and it was only when he was in that moment, that the gods appeared before him to help, because he was beyond doubt and fear. Hercules as well, was granted divine intervention because of his inner fortitude, virtue, and courage.

Odysseus also encountered this, his inner courage and virtue bestowed upon him divine intervention. When he was stranded with Calypso, Zeus ordered me to free him. When he was at the brink of death with Poseidon, he was spared. When he returned to Ithaca, Athena aided him to reclaim his kingdom.

So too, can be your path. The gods are always watching, there is nothing that goes unseen to them. They are in direct alignment with the Father, they watch and wait for each and everyone of you to come into alignment with them as well, so they may assist you in coming into your highest states of enlightenment and righteousness. You must however, show to them that you are worthy! Many think themselves to be worthy, however few ever earn this title and receive the embrace of the divine. It has become challenging for many in this realm, as the temptations of the soul and body are ripe in this Earth, where as the virtues of the spirit are not as easily acknowledged. Heed my words, and you shall affirm for yourselves, when you begin to live your lives in every moment aligned to the spirit, which is the Father, that you shall find enlightenment.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!