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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book Of Shadows Invocation Of Hekate

Book Of Shadows Invocation Of Hekate
// Summons OF HEKATE //This hurt was not on paper by me. The author of this charm is indistinct.

Cheer repeated named mother of the Gods, whose children are fair.

Cheer forcible HEKATE of the doorway, keyholder of the world.

Cheer to thee ENODIA, Janitor of the four and three way crossroads. Wager on, Of the night and Infernal one,We becon to you as Lovers,

Come unto us and get along with us the desire of your ghost.

Of the night Mother! Savior! Mistress of Solitude!

Member of the aristocracy of light, and the monotony that contains it;

You who walks entangled and unmanageable throughout tombs and income grounds.

Cloaked in saffron, crowed with oak grass and coils of serpents

You who is followed by hordes of ghosts, dogs, and restless spirits,

Yet is moreover the garish Empress of the Empyrian realms.

We indicate to you as Lovers,

Come unto us and get along with us the desire of your ghost.

PROPOLOS, attendant us confidently throughout the four rivers;PROPYLAIA, reveal to us the secret paths of serpent power;

PHOSPHOROS, light our way with your binary torches of enhance and severity;

BRIMO, shake the pillars of arrangement with your wrath;

ANASSA ENEROI - Sovereign of the dead, open the mysteries of Thanatos;

HEKATE CHTHONIA, Sovereign of Witches.

Teacher of Sorceries and Bindings and all construct of Thaumaturgy,

Hekate I call to Thee by Thy secret names:

Aktiophis, Ereshkigal, and Nebotosouleth,

Difficulty me and hand round to me!

You who is Serpent haired and serpent girdled,

And whose womb is lined in serpent scales.

I come to you as Your Aficionada,

Point of view me wearing Your arms, kiss me upon my bravado ">

Angelic be by the deafening power of Hekate. )O( Angelic Full Moon sbat to all.

Knocked out Her wings,