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Monday, August 2, 2010

Phra Lersi Roop Lor Run Raek B E 2548 By Luang Phor Galong

Phra Lersi Roop Lor Run Raek B E 2548 By Luang Phor Galong
The exclusive phra Lersi (ascetic, Lersi Pipe up SaMingPrai) amulet complete by Luang Phor Galong (Kieow Gaew) of Wat Khao Leam ( ) in B.E 2548. The exclusive lersi roop lor is select concern and in words of one syllable complete 299 units. The amulets are blessed several times with rather Piti (bless observation) particularly blessed for "WaiKu". luang phor Garlong anyway perform the chanting lonely with the amulet for 5 months.The exclusive phra lersi amulet had other in several special metal long curtains, such as 108 craft tarkut and ancient Buddha statue. The underneath of this amulet was inserted a orderliness of hardly noticeable tarkut,Wan (blend of special "herbs") and cemented with tiger fur.Phra Lersi "Run WaiKu" has produced with 5 different craft of material:1) Age-old - 299 pcs2) Mixure of casket nail and axe - 299 pcs3) Mixture of old buddah statue - 299 pcs4) copper (in green color) - 999 pcs5) copper (in grovel color) - 999 pcsInterpret More: Diverse Sad Intelligence - Luang Phor Kalong Accepted WhisperWat Khao Leam - 2548(,,), 108(3)2548,,5,108,:,299,:,,,,,,? :"(),,, 108,...,,108 ,,,," ",,,," ",,," Phra Lersi amulet by Lp Kalong - Ready 999 units