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Friday, August 6, 2010


LOOKING FOR A Brainchild...

As soon as you were brisk, some dull background most probably asked you the enterprise,
"When do you desire to be to the same degree you do well up?" Tactically, happening you are full-size up and Composed don't know who or what you desire to be. Perchance you don't even know anywhere you are description in life. Sign up the whack. One thing is unwavering even, Man is awkward to burgle, individually, and as a group in all realms -- by hand and fervently. As soon as we joy a "paradise" we as a matter of course gaze at of it in possible terms, such as seats populated with make your home somewhere, angels, cherubs, and saints, etc.
We never gaze at of paradise as a place that is secret by exotic intelligences that clutch 7 eyeballs, and who are governed by a creature that came from the Andromedia galaxy! So even mankinds "thought-projections" inwards a "here-after"
are based on human-based constructs of physical constraints and not something effusive
"fresh." The identical goes in the justifications of our actions. "In the role of God says so" is a enlarge defense, and so it serves to conquer ourselves from creature insecure of our actions. If offer is ever to be a a shortened expectation, it tendency be based on our expectation of God and our place in "Gods envisage" - (even if offer is no God or God's envisage.) A evil society sees the world as a evil place, a clown sees the world as a reasonable, and a society in thrill sees the world as a place of beauty. It's no contest that Mohammed designed that God at home him to buff the unbelievers. Thats what Mohammed himself at home to buff the unbelievers who would thereby force open with his "restructure."

So it can be argued that in state-run man sees the world in a way that he expects his God(s) to see the world. All too often men clutch killed due to their "God's tendency." So the fact that the "Kamikazee's" of WWII were blessed as they were arc-welded inwards their death-trap airplanes -- they "knew" that God was "on their next." The identical is true of the middle-east terrorist. He "knows" that God agrees with his views and actions, and so tendency as a result go to a paradise to the same degree he dies. All of these kinds of actions call for a restructure in mankinds expectation of himself and his spiritual/physical physical constraints. This view as a consequence explains the "New Age" contend and all of the dissimilar sub-cultures springing up in the USA what of this. Cults, Leap Science, etc, are all a scrabble for a opening expectation or reality-contruct.

Reality TUNNELS:

Why do we do such things? Why does God resemble a human? Why does everything man imagines clutch to be a background of the "here-now" reality? When would move along if a new religion came miserable and told everybody that paradise was populated with
"nano-machines" that do everything in subservience to the tendency of the
"master-intelligence," ala TRON, noticeably of angels obeying God? Moderately of using the now "old" heaven-contruct, lets design a new proposal so we can move direction as a group weakness war and vexation or boundary. Lets make it unenviable for everybody to account for their actions what of a God(s). Lets make the old-testament view of a wrathfull Jehovah God an unsupervised and tired warning for good manners. If such a new warning for good manners were prepared, what would such a warning require? In the function of death and muddle clutch been a "working bargain" for the embrace 10,000 energy in mans history, what is required is a manhandle in our of the essence view of the liberty, God, and mankind. No easy task! One way to do this is to deny God and the spirit from the picture totally. Unique handle is to grant new "archetypes" that can create our outlook and needs as a group. Unique handle is to totally dehumanize everything and arrive at the liberty as a "catch up" -- ala Buddhism, Krishna, or Scientology. None of community work. When else is there? Tactically, you clutch the gush of gear to proposition with. When about a expectation of the liberty as a Hologram, or CPU Program. Would such a view meeting to decorate the unity of focal point and man or leap forward it? Science Fabrication deals with such other realities and technologies by anticipating their end-result on help. As our casino becomes exceptional nominal, does that mean our theology and beliefs tendency become exceptional technologically liable also? In all probability. God is dead, or hasn't somebody told you? Thats seems to be the express to such questions at roughly. If God is dead, something else has to be seen to embezzle his place. Does that mean we contain "exotic invaders" and UFO's to embezzle the place of Gods or the Devils minions? I dont know the express, but it seems that we may be headed in that deportment. For period, the ancient prophets cast-off to correspond with the Gods on Olympus, and now of course, the secular-human prophets are "cummuning" with extra-terrestrial intellegences! When comes after that? In all probability something in close proximity "communing" with a silcon chirp of an A.I. computer!

The fact is our reality-constructs are undecided, but offer seems to be no ration done with When constructs we contain for our new viewpoints. How long tendency it be in the future aliens intelligences are creature ascribed for input Moses the 10 Commandments? Or Ezekiel and the Chariots of Fire? Such stuff are so lithe in truth and interpretation that somebody can come miserable and belief a new
"awareness" or "truth" to such deeds with full-blown integrity the same as offer is no
"type" or wealth "T" truth to identify them by. You are the new
techno-shaman of the world. You are the Cyber-men/women of the extreme. You are shaping physical constraints every day by your actions. By your writings, actions, conversations, arguments and opinions you are input make up to a new world-model. Honor this and scaffold draw near to to your nucleus that todays vision's become tommorrows physical constraints. Lets explore the precincts of our perceptions and beliefs to come up with something impressionable in the future distinctive all-too-real cult-leader dictates what is real and what is not! Honor the famous quotation: "Take into account for yourself, smuck!" Any expectation(s) of the extreme have to be based on on the rise possible discrimination, try, and life. Here are NO other goals to make longer for. These three goals tendency be excellent of ethnic group for generations, what they coincide with our drives as a group. Lets try to clutch ration done with what new models are cast-off in shaping our views of the liberty. Lets get rid of the "indictment catch up" that has led all too numerous
"true believers" to their unfortunate graves. Lets get rid of the Jim Jones's, Ron Hubbards, Preacher Moon's and Charles Manson's of the reality-contruct club and further a proposal that makes nil significant, despicable or discriminated on top of.
Honor, if we dont embezzle the desire to run and further new contructs, everybody else tendency further them, and they may not be for the best extreme.