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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Return To The Earth

Return To The Earth
The world is not in balance. Predictions and prophecies aside, one does not need to look far to see that there is indeed, something amiss with the way things are going on our little planet. People are crowding to the cities when there is so much land, most of the land is owned by a handful of powerful people, and people are hungry/broke/ignorant, despite all the technological innovations that humanity has uncovered.

It seems that we have lost our way as a people, the supposed stewards of His creation. We don't treat each other well, so it's a stretch to believe that we would treat the environment and all other lifeforms any better. Even this portent of doom is exploited by many shrewd individuals, claiming to have the way to solve it, or some secret, exclusive path to salvation from the impending global holocaust.

I don't have any secrets to reveal. All I have is an idea that has been there since humanity decided to be less nomadic and more agricultural. This world is God's gift to us all, and just as we should take care of it, it can nourish and heal us. Whatever may happen in the coming decades, be it a man-made cataclysm or an event from the heavens, we should return to a balanced, essential, and natural existence. Yes, a return to the land that nourishes us, and a lifestyle that promotes love and faith between each other and the rest Creation.

Technology Used ResponsiblyThis isn't a call to demonize all of the things we have crafted, as our skills and knowledge are just as much gifts from God as anything else. These are tools, and the tool wielder's intent is the thing we should examine and guide, for the wielder is the one that can decide to do good or evil.

With what resources you have at your disposal, try to purchase land that's fertile and remote. Rough and untamed is preferable; it'll be more affordable and it will present a challenge that you can undertake. Purchase second-hand but serviceable surplus earthmoving equipment to aid you in your undertaking. Like I mentioned, technology is a tool, and you should have it in your heart to till the earth for the purpose of feeding your family and making good the blessings which the Creator has bestowed upon humanity.

United We StandThere are others way more unfortunate than you, and the reason why this is the case is because you are being given an opportunity to help your fellow human being. Choose those who are willing to make an effort to better themselves and are not afraid to toil and sweat for a good cause.

There is no shame in working for food, lodging, and other essentials. In fact, before our civilization's all-consuming greed for money and things not integral to good living, this was the norm. Be honest and explain to them your goal of creating a community that sustains and grows with one another. If they cannot accept that, do not insist. Just wish them well and find others that can share in your mission.

Body and Spirit RejuvenatedHard, but productive work and meaningful labor actually uplifts the spirit, as opposed to mindlessly toiling in an office cubicle, failing to see the purpose and value of your work. In addition to that, being in the embrace of nature also helps one reflect deeper and more profoundly on one's existence and his/her relationship with the Creator and all His works.

As I have mentioned in the last two topics, technology should be used responsibly, and to share and trust in other people is also essential. Therefore, keeping yourself connected to the rest of humanity and utilizing the internet is something you should not forego despite living in a more remote area. It is your source of news, information, and an extended community beyond your locality. As with anything, learn to use it responsibly.

I wish all who have read my personal insights a blessed New Year, and may God shower His blessings upon you and your family. Live well!

About the AuthorStacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is working on her gang's group blog, Word Baristas.