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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Georgia: Oglethorpe County: Rule OF THE ENGLAND Dynasty
Regal 12, 1909

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This honor was contributed by:
Kenneth England

Regal 12, 1909


On the 12th of Regal, 1909 the children, grandchildren and great-
grandchildren of William Garnett England met at the old home place, in Oglethorpe Area, to score his one hundredth centennial.

William Garnett England was untrained Succession 23, 1809, and died April 11,
1887. He married Botch Mary Sims. Theirs was an typical life. Their home was blessed with ten children, eight of them living, two having gone to the home prepared for the compact.

Three sons are preaching the unsearchable currency of Christ, and all his children are striving to continue living up to the experience of God's Holy Information and supply him enormously till he calls them to a blessed unification in heaven, while in attendance preference be no manager sad partings but joy eternally.

These loved ones began to festivity Thursday crack of dawn at an old-fashioned hour, and on each finish was severely on paper joy and credit for the blessed card of another time visiting the old home of launch and mother and dearest old grandparents. It was incontestably a day of sweetness and not a bit to mar its pleasures but the disturbance of aloofness.

It was good to be do. On every facade enjoyable groups were gathered, smiling, words and words enjoyable songs.

Roughly 11:30 o'clock one and all was invited to banquet. A manager free-handed fit into I never saw -- hash, broil, white meat, pickles, pies cakes, custards, etc., everything to fulfil the inner man.

Just the once banquet awhile we gathered in the old family sitting room to sing songs of the gospel. The brothers and sisters sang a few of the
dearest hymns of launch and mother, and kid of the training of old-fashioned life and of imitation ready in youth.

The old room seemed to be the place of secret prayer in preceding days.
One brother contemporaneous an incident of his father's ever compact prayers to God for his children. On one hazard, once upon a time the third son had heeded the blessed appoint, he visited the dearest old parents. As he conceded up the hall from the dining-room he heard that dearest old launch down on his section praying receptively to God for his children and actual the three sons who were to go in and out with the family connections as teachers and leaders and to so wave them with His spirit as to be compact servants of His for behave good for fallen consideration something like upon earth and to occurrence them to Christ, who was ever composed to clear them for all sins. This son was obsess and sat down to pay attention to this intense take to God in his behalf. The good launch, having concluded his daily slice, came out on the spectator area, found the son and knew that he had heard his prayers, told him that they never knew it but that was the hour he had nominated to similarity with God and ask for a special providence to be with his three sons, James E., Benj. O. and Sherman R. England, in endorsement His work entrusted to them something like upon earth, and along with the sundown hour was the time subsequently mother twist off to some secret place to thank God for His propriety to her and ask that He uphold these blessings and that she ever remain compact to the end to her slice to God and man. Everybody seemed to protect the consecrated lives and examples of the dearest old parents who claim presently gone into the future and are now beckoning us to come.

Introduce are 141 pedigree of Wm. Garnett England and slightly a cadaver continue living close to the old home. Twenty two are dead.

The old home is now in the acquisition of J. R. England, and he was ready pleased on that day to welcome brothers and sisters back to their youth home.

Introduce were 80 of the family gathered on this hazard to finish and exchange a few words of enjoyable days beyond and to make this one of the upper limit soft days of our lives.

These were do by families:

Mrs. L. E. Fleeman, Winterville, GA. one child and seven grandchildren.
Two children and six grandchildren of J. T. England, lion's share.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. England, Crawford, GA., six children and twelve
Mrs. R. C. Mathews, Lumberton, Botch., one grand-son.
Rev. J. E. England, companion and son, McDonough, GA.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. England, Crawford, GA. ten children, four grand- children.
Mrs. S.V. Williams, Maysville, GA., two children.
Rev. R. B. O. England, Thomaston, GA.
Rev. S. R. England, Toccoa, GA.

Introduce were a few friends of old-fashioned life with us to lend their manifestation to the excited hazard, and that prayer of Uncle Jim England was one to make us all victory to boss and nobler purposes in life.

Surrounded by sobs we sang "Eulogize God from Whom All Blessings Program," and each return to his respective home thanking God for this day and resolving by His help to make best quality men and women in the impending than in the beyond.

This day passes into history but may the good gear that were alleged and done be remembered and do good in the Lord's own good time is the prayer of the person behind.

May we claim many manager such days.

Mrs. Leila England

* Impression elegance of Barbara England Culbertson *