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Saturday, August 7, 2010

If The Usa President Candidates Are Freemasons

If The Usa President Candidates Are Freemasons Cover As seems to happen every time there's a US presidential election, our site is regularly searched to find out if the candidates are Freemasons. OK. For the record:

John McCain is NOT a Mason. His father, Admiral John Sidney McCain, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet during the Vietnam War and who died in 1981, was.

Bush is NOT a Mason - Sorry!Barack Obama is NOT a Mason.

Hillary Clinton is NOT a Mason. Her husband (former President Bill Clinton) was a member of a Masonic-sponsored youth organization. You can read more about that here.

Ron Paul is not a Mason although his father is.

George Bush is not a Mason. His father (former President George Bush) is not a Mason. And the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University has NO connection to Freemasonry whatsoever, despite what the person with the tin-foil hat wants you to believe!

So whatever the motive for your curiosity, the answer is - NO! OK? And despite the frenzied rants that have appeared on some websites, there's NO SUCH THING in the United States as being a 'secret Mason' or hiding one's membership. They'll usually tell you it's because the person is a 33rd Degree that makes it a secret which is total crap: see our page on 33rds RULE! for more information. The simple facts are that when a man becomes a Freemason, he doesn't hide his identity. (There are a couple of bogus groups - primarily internet fantasies - that aren't at all part of Freemasonry despite their ridiculous attempts at pretending to be. At least one of those phony groups has listed a large number of far-right Republicans as members in their group, surely none of whom are the least interested in being part of the creator's fantasies.) The fact is, though, that when one joins Freemasonry in the United States, it's done openly and without secrets. Thus, if a website tries to convince you that any of the above are actually Masons but that it's somehow a secret, ask them how they know. You'll get a LOT of double-talk and obfuscation which, in the final analysis, will be nothing more than plain and simple manure!

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