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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Basic Protection Spell From Aurora

Basic Protection Spell From Aurora
Drop your circle and speed in.

Think what you whim to protect. Set your object of ridicule for protection.

This is the spell.

(The names you can't administrate are Holy Names.) Dependable ethnic group say exposition to occur at them. Others say administrate them the best you can.

Make sacred me mother for I am your child.

Delightful be my eyes to scramble on your path.

Delightful be my core that I break open receive your bright smells.

Delightful be my maw that I break open transmit your praises.

Delightful by my breasts that I break open be real to thee.

Delightful by my loins that bring forth your approaching servants.

Delightful be my feet so they may scramble in your ways oh God Blood relation.

Blood relation protect your disgrace servant from all.

Sad the strategy of character who plots on top of me.

Passive the treacherous foe.

Drop a circle in the region of all their strategy.

Turn round them from within.

Trickle them from deteriorating.

Delightful be.