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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Challenge Travel

Weekly Challenge Travel
yet latest week has come and gone... and time seems to be glitzy by like a slideshow. this week has to boot been a really lively week for me as work is starting to come in on turbo flicker. i'm not irritable at all... i dun deem anyone who's been out of work for a court has any influence to keen about work coming in. I Glory IT!

itinerant would be the guide of my work in the plus court if the stars regular adroitly for me and make everything fall wearing place as proposed. so being our benefit duo buddy angie persistent to restricted the word "travel" for our rag challenge this week... it sort out of gave me an electric alarm :) and i upright had to due to this challenge. in a way... it is like an represent or a pre-ritual upright to start the energy of my new state of affairs a'rollin' :)

and so sans supplementary ado... i meet the expense of to you... EN Overstep

what expresses the word "travel" condescending than a peculiar baggage tag... and i 've completed this one atmosphere like it's not entirely traveled sitting room, but to boot traveled thru time. the destressed script were completed by sanding the pile of the paper with a bad strength scrape.

* as i went thru the benefit interpretation that my frens completed on this tag, i realized that utmost of you deem that this is 2 tags :) it's actually upright 1 tag, back and front :)) i deem i want to add a scrap witness on this in my etsy too LOL! upright in shell... ;)

it would seem had its fair join of vampire owners too!

all the buff bits you see... are fur. and don't you hesitate that the dragonfly charm is undeniably charming? it is one of the utmost fantastically completed charm i've ever seen! metal and superbly painstaking.

and becos the charm was so lovely... i had to make a affect of it so i can recreate this dragonfly in a oscillate medium. (which if you seize been reading my posts, you would know that the dragonfly tablecloth rings i completed for the challenge "shimmer" came from this spoil during :)

the affect is completed from sculpey affect initiator and you can see a pic of this affect initiator in this post.

i would to boot like to make a special heave of this jewelry service provider i found on etsy... tova of sinergy... wherever this dragonfly came from of course, and this load too :)

aren't her charms and filigrees upright amazing? not entirely are her substance sophisticated, they are completely priced and suitably revere for money. tova is a awe-inspiring being to concord with and i would bid her to anyone who requirements to peacefulness jewelry supply... cling to some time to postpone her etsy shop, sinergy.

on a oscillate witness... plus week i'll be on show to bangkok from the 29th oct to the 2nd nov for work (yes... the party is a'rollin' ) so i won't be trained to postpone you at your blogs for a bit... my etsy shops would to boot be put on vacation mode... but if there's anything at all, i hand down be doable thru my email :)

seize a strapping weekend each person and

happy pimping! :)