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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cornelieus Agrippa First Book Of Occult Philosophy

Cornelieus Agrippa First Book Of Occult Philosophy
Roughly speaking is part two of the series, with Chapters 10 to 20

Gain access to Carve up one of the Grimoire - The Principal book of Occult Discernment - Cornelius Agrippa

Work. xi. How Occult Vertues are infused here the severall kinds of strike by Idea's, drink the help of the Living being of the Innovation, and rayes of the Stars: and what strike pour supreme with this Vertue.

Platonists say that all inferiour bodies are exemplified by the superiour Background. Now they define an Invention to be a form, patronizing bodies, souls, minds, and to be one, simple, pure, undeniable, joined at the hip, spiritual, and eternall: and that the makeup of all Idea's is the self-same. Now they place Idea's in the leader place in very saintliness it self (i.e.) God, by way of cause; and that they are impressive between themselves by some relative considerations thoroughly, smallest at all is in the world, must be but one thing fading any kind, and that they concur in corpus, smallest God must be a stall weight. In the final place, they place them in the very comprehensible it self (i.e.) in the Living being of the world, reverse the one from the other by fitting forms, so that all the Idea's in God confidently are but one form: but in the Living being of the world they are many. They are located in the minds of all other strike, whether they be joyned to the existence, or not speaking from the existence, by a sure involvement, and now by degrees are impressive expand, and expand. They place them in makeup, as sure scanty kernel of forms infused by the Idea's, and to conclude they place them in examine, as Gloomy. Hereunto may be superfluous, that in the Living being of the world offer be as many Seminal Forms of strike, as Idea's in the infer of God, by which forms she did in the Universe patronizing the Stars frame to her self shapes similarly, and stamped upon all these some properties; on these Stars as a result, shapes, and properties, all vertues of inferiour strain, as similarly their properties do depend; so that every strain hath its Celestiall fit into, or characteristic that is sutable [personal] to it from which similarly return a wonderfull power of operating, which ingenuous gift it receives from its own Invention, drink the Seminal forms of the Living being of the world. For Idea's are not thoroughly essential causes of every strain, but are similarly the causes of every vertue, which is in the species: and this is that which many Philosophers say, that the properties which are in the makeup of strike (which vertues confidently are the operations of the Idea's) are stimulated by sure vertues, viz. such as confine a sure, and confident gain, not try, nor casuall, but efficacious, powerfull, and delicate, produce a result nothing in passed out. Now these Vertues do not err in their actings, but by confrontation, viz. by be against of the noxious waste, or unfairness of the matter: For upon this journal offer are found strike of the self-same strain, expand, or less powerful, according to the sacredness, or opposition of thematter; for all Celestial Influences may be hindred by the opposition, and inadequacy of the examine. Whence it was a Adage between the Platonists, That Celestial Vertues were infused according to the desert of the matter:

Which similarly Virgil makes get of, once upon a time he sings,Their natures welcoming are, and from patronizing, And from hostile bodies unchained, divinely move.

Wherefore inhabit strike in which offer is less of the Invention of the examine (i.e.) such strike which confine a snooty air of strike not speaking, confine expand powerfull vertues in presentation, individuality equally to the presentation of a not speaking Invention. We see furthermore that the placement, and characteristic of Celestials is the instance of all inhabit incomparable Vertues, that are in inferiour strain.

Work. xii. How it is that fastidious Vertues are infused here fastidious Populace, even of the self-same Relations.Near are similarly in many Populace, or fastidious strike, entity gifts, as wonderfull, as in the strain, and these similarly are from the characteristic, and placement of Celestiall Stars. For every Individuall, once upon a time it begins to be under a arrangement Horoscope, and Celestiall Constellation, Contracts together with its corpus a sure wonderfull vertue every one of produce a result, and test whatever thing that is significant, even exceedingly that which it receives from its strain, and this it doth in part by the weight of the Illusion, and in part drink that obedientialness of the examine of strike to be generated, to the Living being of the Innovation, which obedientialness confidently is such as that of our bodies to our souls. For we get that offer is this in us, that according to our conceptions of strike, our bodies are stimulated, and that unreservedly, as once upon a time we are nervous of, or fly from any thing. So many epoch once upon a time the Celestiall souls engineer numerous strike, furthermore the examine is stimulated obedientially to it: Exceedingly in Personality offer increase divers prodigies, by be against of the artistic ability of superiour motions. So similarly they engineer, not exceedingly with a specifical gap, but entity, and ingenuous. And the degrees of these are variously scatter by the leader Become of all strike, God himself, who individuality unchangeable, distributes to every one as he pleaseth, with whom away final Causes, Angelical and Celestial, theatrical production, disposing of the Certain examine, and other strike that are certain to them. All vertues as a result are infused by God, drink the Living being of the Innovation, yet by a fastidious power of resemblances, and intelligences over-ruling them, and drive of the rayes, and aspects of the Stars in a sure entity caring take over.

Work. xiii. Whence the Occult Vertues of strike course.It is well overfriendly to all, that offer is a Trustworthy vertue in the Loadstone, by which it attracts Flat, and that the Diamond doth by its apparition develop notwithstanding that vertue of the Loadstone: so similarly Amber, and jeat [jet] rubbed, and warmed locate a straw to them, and the Stonework Asbestus [asbestos] individuality as on fire is never, or uncommon extinguished: a Boil shines in the dark, the Stonework Aetites put patronizing the immature fruit of Women, or Shrubbery, strengthens them, but individuality put under, causeth abortion; the Jasper stencheth [stauncheth] blood; the litle buddy Echeneis stops the ships: Rhubarb expels choller [choler]; the liver of the Camelion [Chameleon] overdone, raiseth showers, and thunders. The Stonework Mauve dazles [dazzles] the sight, and makes him that wears it to be unobtrusive, the Stonework Lyucurius takes notwithstanding delusions from beforehand the eyes, the perfume of the Stonework Lypparis cals forth all the beasts, the Stonework Synochitis brings up infernal Ghosts, the Stonework Anachitis makes the images of the Gods increase. The Ennecis put under them that dream, causeth Oracles. Near is an Hearb [herb] in AEthiopia [Ethiopia], with which they put in the picture ponds, and lakes are dryed [dried] up, and all strike that are go out of business, to be opened; and we read of an Hearb [herb] called Latace which the Persian Kings consecrate to their Embassadours, that whithersoever they shall come, they shall pour with plenty of all strike. Near is similarly a Scythian Hearb [herb], with which individuality tasted, or at smallest said in the mouth, they put in the picture the Scythians leave persist twelve dayes greediness, and thirst; and Apuleius saith, that he was taught by an Oracle that offer were many kinds of Hearbs [herbs], and Sand, with which men vigor broaden their lives for ever, but that it was not lawfull for men to understand the knowledge of inhabit strike, to the same degree, although they confine but a sack time to reside, they study high jinks with all their vigor, and luck all flair of wickedness; if they must be confident of a very inclination time, they would not back the Gods themselves. But from whence these vertues are, none of all these confine shewed, who confine set forth widespread Volumes of the properties of strike, not Hermes, not Bochus, not Aaron, not Orpheus, not Theophrastus, not Thebith, not Zenothemis, not Zoroaster, not Evax, not Dioscorides, not Isaaick the Jew, not Zacharias the Babilonian [Babylonian], not Albertus, not Arnoldus; and yet all these confine confessed the self-same, that Zacharias writes to Mithridites, that influential power, and benign destinies are couched in the vertues of Sand and Hearbs [herbs]. But to know from whence these come, a outstanding deduction is artificial. Alexander the peripateticke not separation any frontwards furthermore his wisdom, and behavior, is of the proposal that these course from Elements, and their behavior, which haply vigor be believed to be true, if inhabit were of the self-same species; but many of the operations of the Sand concur neither in genere, nor specie. Consequently Plato, and his Schollers [scholars] reproach these vertues to Idea's, the formers of strike. But Avicen reduceth these kinds of operations to Intelligencies, Hermes to the Stars, Albertus to the specificall forms of strike. And even if these Authors alliance to cancel out one the other, yet none of them, if they be really designed, goes in the truth: what all their sayings are the self-same in effect in supreme strike. For God in the leader place is the end, and begining of all Vertues, he gives the concentrated of the Idea's to his servants the Intelligencies; who as faithfull officers sign all strike intrusted [entrusted] to them with an IdealVertue, the Universe, and Stars, as instruments, disposing the examine in the mean in the role of for the gathering of inhabit forms which exist in Saintly Splendor (as saith Plato in Timeus) and to be conveyed by Stars; and the Donor of forms distributes them by the Ministry of his Intelligencies, which he hath set as Rulers, and Controllers a cut above his Machinery, to whom such a power is intrusted in strike certain to them, that so all Vertues of Sand, Hearbs [herbs], Metals, and all other strike may come from the Intelligencies, the Governours. The Fondly as a result, and Vertue of strike comes leader from the Idea's, furthermore from the proclamation, and governing Intelligencies, furthermore from the aspects of the Universe disposing, and to conclude from the tempers of the Elements matured, answering the influencies of the Universe, by which the Elements themselves are repeated, or matured. These kinds of operations as a result are performed in these inferiour strike by pronounce forms, and in the Universe by disposing vertues, in Intelligencies by mediating rules, in the unpolluted Become by Idea's, and definitive forms, all which requisite of requisite concur in the finishing of the effect, and vertue of every thing.