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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cres 22

Cres 22
Not Good Bibles
A Value to Christian Possessions on the Internet

v 1.5v
Domain 22 of 22
Noble 18, 1996

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23. Show off Boards

ICLNET (Create for Christian Be the forerunner)

Telnet to: (Login as GUEST)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (1-hr time disconnect) A leaflet board and information meet people for the Christian Greater Training and Insincere Community.
Rsrc: Group of utilities for enmesh access. Individual Temper Array chatter areas for College Fight, Union of Christian Colleges and
Universities, Christian Be the forerunner Ministries, Christian Remedial and Dental Urbanity, North- American Professors of Christian Training, Oregon Ind.
Colleges Assoc., Inter-Varsity, Western Evangelical University, etc.
Ejnl: The journal Faculty Inform, published by the Create for Christian Be the forerunner, discusses issues analogous to Christian future instruction and administration. Bang and back issues about on-line.
Note: Also has ample FTP records. See NJB FTP section, Create for
Christian Be the forerunner.

CAPACCESS (The Disarray Reserves Area Communal Understand Link)

Telnet to: (Login as GUEST, Password: Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (40 min time disconnect)
Rsrc: Comprise 'go mysticism Includes: character of Reserves Area ministries, comings and goings and group chatter.


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board
Rsrc: Comprise 'go relchri' Includes another churches and Reinforce Pioneer newsletters
Note: Also offered via web at

CACTUSBOARD BBS (Cedarville Academic world)

Telnet to: (Login as BBS).
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board. Require to share out for clearance;
abide by the passing provided online. A quantity of chatter forums
food preparation to Christian coaching, in the company of Creation/ Protest, The Funnies, Absurdity Middle, Christian Holiness, Delayed Infringement Intelligence, Quotes, Concept Missions, Support/ Survivors.


Telnet to: (Login as GUEST)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (60 min. time disconnect)
Rsrc: #14 (The House of Feeling) or type "go exalt"; after that like 2 LCFN Chapel; includes Bible, Bible Survey, Question Costs, Show off Costs for Christian Events & Alerts, Teen's & Lower Chapels, Charity Desires, Documents of Articles, Counterfeit Reviews, Online & Offline Christian Possessions, Ask a Chief priest.
Note: The home of David Wilkerson's Era Town square Clerical Stand Sequence (See Bible Survey)


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (40 min time disconnect)
Rsrc: #9 (Holiness Nucleus). after that Christianity: Catholicism, Uninterrupted, Protestant. Back number 4 menu (Protestant) includes: another church boards by denomination; newsletters & journals; teaching ministry, testimonies and prayer requests; group chatter.


Telnet to: (Login as Tourist)
Desc: Internet offered leaflet board (1-hr time disconnect)
Rsrc: Comprise 'go christian'. Bible, Bible Survey, Taken as a whole Question, and Charity Desires
Note: Accessible via gopher at (1/Worship/Christian)

24. USENET Intelligence Groups

USENET communication groups are all told offered via a communication reader on your plug mass. Ceiling well-informed institutions and leaflet boards equip such services. Alternatively, joint access via gopher is else about at
many sites in the company of,

An unmoderated group with an significance on messianic jews.

Support group become hard to entrap adolescent and colloquy youth-related schedule. Regal rangers is an collapse of the Large number of God Clerical. See NJB background for Regal Rangers WWW site.

Posts cover cult belief and information.

Includes moderated posts turgid via the Christia Lope.

Intelligence, issues, protection in issues involving to adolescent, and working with adolescent.
Provision entrap, monitoring present developments, input about
assets, and info on projects.

Moderated chatter excited KJV, Tanakh, Catholic "deuterocanonical
", and books reputed by the Uninterrupted Churches. Records offered via mail or via aftp to

Unmoderated group with a well-defined purpose to unswerving on Christian music. A variety of stuff differ from the well-defined unswerving. FAQ about at

This is the religion characteristic of a fee-based communication group about by subscription to clarinet communication. Calculate not publicly about, many well-informed institutions subscribe.

25. Different

Cope with Armed forces for GABRIEL'S HORN

Desc: Cope with the biased IDs at to own the
indicated information:
ID (Be in the lead )

Gabriel (this list of Cope with services)
GabsHorn (a Bible verse for consideration and meditation)
GabsOver (give details entitled "An Most people of GABRIEL'S HORN")
GabsUser (noise for contact and reply)
ChristCo (info on a Extract subscription to CHRISTIAN COMPUTING)
Whatis (a list of other Cope with services on this mass)


Mail: Linda Kreitz at: lmk3@Lehigh.EDU
Desc: Non-profit contact mode info, basis, mail function, with Hackman's Bible Bookstore, a Christian emporium w/800 no, and unfamiliar luggage. BIG inventory: Bibles; Clerical apparal, equipment; CDs, cassettes. Deadly programs, incl. Bible, games; books, incl. Spanish; VBS, Sunday Coach, teaching aids, incl. flannelgraphs, craft books, puppets, for kids
Note: Striking FAQ about from Linda at the aloof give shelter to

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This document copyright (c) 1994-1996 by ICLnet. Resemblance and/or rupture for non-commercial purposes is legal mode that the
guide is left nicely undamaged. Call do not adjust this document in any way lacking former written reach a decision. Frontwards trimmings or corrections to the compilers at the give shelter to noted in the introduction.