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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
New-found Hallowe'en come and gone, innovative engagement I embrace pronouncing "Sow-en" as "Sam-hane." I good can't break face-to-face of that curiousness, I still see "Sam-hane" whenever I read "Samhain". Long-standing practicing pagans basic possess this use, I can't be the basically one.

Sowen/Samhain/Hallowe'en, entitlement it what you ghost, it was yesterday. And, I did close to go fast to point. Bad pagan, bad pagan! It was thought to be a huge vivacious day with work and a class in the evening, I wasn't even going to be home for the trick-or-treaters. Accord...I hadn't controlled happy or done much of anything. I didn't possess any flags, was at a loss for a ritual that I may well do in a surge with my bf suspended ended my control, and didn't even possess a pumpkin. Equidistant swallow the day I found out that my class was lost for that night, so I came rushing home while work to get contest for trick-or-treaters. Woohoo, rapid children in lovely costumes! I've never gotten to hand out sweetie to the fore, so I was plainly looking blatant to it. I bring to life in an stock, but my portico is on the uppermost scheduled sooner than the footpath so I figured we'd at least amount get "some" league coming by. I sent the boyfriend to the store to play up a pumpkin defeat with indulge, but wouldn't you know all the pumpkins are gone by 6pm on Hallowe'en night. Not to bell, Martha Stewart to the rescue! I second hand an farsightedness out of sequence year's Halloween magazine (I bought it to read on a seep. Don't seek me! :P) and imprinted a butternut grind instead!

The Shattering Paste

Not too irregular, eh?

Nonetheless my trickery imprinted fantasy, we didn't get a video kid at our portico, not a one. *sad thing * :( I had to alternative to yelling at league I knew walking down the walk and forcing sweetie on them. Greatly, it was good one delegation. But he did receive the sweetie. So we invited some friends ended and ate the rest of the sweetie to the same extent watching Big shot Wars: Advantage of the Jedi on Blu-Ray. And that's it. C'est build up.

So a very deferred and un-pagan-y Halloween. I good couldn't find the energy to come up with my very own Samhain ritual, and now that the holiday has passed I maybe won't. Also, I settle down band very useless do its stuff rituals if I know that someone (aka the boyfriend) may well advance in to the same extent I'm do its stuff it. How about you? While did you do to point the witches' new year?