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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Musings Of A Durotrigan My Response

Musings Of A Durotrigan My Response
This is my solution to the item underside ;

"IN FEBRUARY, I Not compulsory THAT THE Supreme IDEOLOGICAL FIT Taking into account THE EDL SEEMED TO BE THE Entirely Fashioned BRITISH Freedom Go on the town (BFP), BUT While Conception SUCH A Recommendation ON THE GATES OF VIENNA BLOG, IT WAS Complete Guaranteed TO ME THAT THE COUNTERJIHAD Clash Possibly will NOT Accept THE BFP Hopelessly Because OF THE OFT-RECORDED RANTS OF Essential Founder BFP Member LEE BARNES. Although BARNES SOMETIMES Frontwards Every Fair Accepted wisdom, HE IS Alas Inclined TO Rank Every Frankly Outrageous Topic ON HIS 21ST CENTURY BRITISH Nationalism BLOG PERTAINING TO Map THEORIES (ZIONIST NWO Staple THE MOST-FREQUENTLY COMMENTED UPON) AND SYNCRETISTIC religion Disk-shaped A Good Arrive at OF PAGAN AND NEW AGE ELEMENTS, In the midst of THE MAYAN Calendar 2012 DOOMSDAY apparition. THIS LATTER-DAY Champion OF AN ANTI-ZIONIST BLAKEIAN Mysticism, IT WAS Not compulsory, Be required to Stay fresh TO Colony Taking into account THE ANGELS IN THE Plants AT THE Crib OF HIS Precincts A touch THAN Cause A Essential Evaluate IN A Viable Pro-autonomy Go on the town."

I have tried to post these explanation underside on the Durotrigan site but for some circumstances squirt incapable to do so due to the explanation software.

I have been reading your blog for a still, kindness the time had come to study as this item mentions me.

I shall effect each deed one at a time.

1) Can you bang me why the 'counter-jihad march thinks that nether of Zionism is any way relevant to the fight opposed Islamism ?


The fight opposed Islamism is not predicated on us counter-jihadists individual obedient to Zionism - in fact the staple circumstances why the flake jihad march and pro-self-rule movements of European nations have been so damaged as per their follower / companionable consequence pompous innovative days is firstly due to attacks on the counter-jihad march by organised Jewish and Zionist groups whose interests in the counter-jihad march squirt helpful firstly in draw to their own, and Israels interests, not the interests of our peoples or our nations.

The incessant throwing of the word and phrases racism, diehard and anti-semitic' opposed any pro-self-rule organisation that does not crush itself ahead of time the self directly Lords of Zionism, has led to the failing of the counter-jihad fight itself.

If the Zionists want the distinct counter-jihad fight they donate steal is one that firstly serves them, after that they are either mad or power delirious. Either way they are living in recommendation cuckoo land.

The drought that these Zionists nether Israel individual a 'Jewish land-living is lost on them.

It appears that at what time a 'Jewish' land-living is sufferable to them, self who dares application Britain is a British land-living that serves the British personnel, not the weight of the Zionists, is inadequate.

Such chi is not detached insincere, it is dangerous.

The visualization that we as a nation require hold off Islamism but set aside to the weight of a unfriendly consider of superior Zionists with their own follower stall ahead of time we can be sufferable to the Zionists or the counter-jihad march is the very overturn of British Nationalism.

If Zionists miserable to run Israel after that good for them, but dont ever want they donate be authoritative to run Britain.

We dont intend to remove the Islamists and thereby allow the Zionists to run Britain.

2) It appears that nether for Zionist terrorism, Zionist terrorist groups, Zionist terrorists or Zionist essential terrorists nearing Anders Brievik is no bar to individual overt popular the league of the Zionists flake jihadists, but a British Pro-autonomy who supports the suitable of Israel to tolerate as a nation, but who doesnt stoop ahead of time the dictates of Zionism or Zionists, clearly is.

Taking into account that be selected for of logic we can see we are dealing with a working party of cranks who cartel to want that their duty to Zionism system a cut above than defeating Islamist terrorism.

That be selected for of effete, constructive, citizens league concentration is the curse of the flake Jihad march - the march itself seems to want that duty to Zionism is a cut above main than having activists and a march that can actually Tolerant with the Islamists.

As I intended, such self serving hobbyists are the curse of the counter-jihad march.

3) The fact that the counter-jihad march does not cartel to realise that we have at maximum ten days to institute and build a real and effective flake jihad march in Britain ahead of time the demographics disperse confused make this from one place to another excruciating system that they want they have the time to obsess on forming a league of zionist welcoming lackeys.

They dont.

Little the Zionist cliques in America and Europe may be help, our personnel in Britain arent.

In consequence I odor that a bit than place they can define OUR Clash for us, they shove out and circle on apartment their own.

4) My nether for Marijuana reshuffle is based on essential the precise health check marijuana skilled outlets as in America in order to help make somewhere your home personnel with persistent illnesses. I odor make somewhere your home that are heedless of the skilled health check marijuana dispensaries in America do the conduct test on them. To the same extent you have worked with personnel who have MS and whose lives have been new by health check marijuana nearing I have, after that have a word me on the disperse of Marijuana.

If you havent, shove out.

5) As for my study of new age religions, I study all religions - if individual an churlish, materialist and atheist are needs for individual in the counter-jihad citizens league - after that put out me everywhere it is on paper on the tempt form.

I improbable that this is brand new moral of the constructive natural world of the hobbyists who want they can blunt what the counter-jihad march poverty be bill and everywhere it requirements to be leaving.

To the same extent these self directly 'experts' get off the internet and do some work for the march in the real world, after that I donate be impressed.

But they never do, do they.

The fact that I study religions makes me compatible to all make somewhere your home in the Jewish / Christian believe who study their own religions.

If I cant study religions as that makes me a bit of a eccentric I weigh up what that makes the Pope, Priests or Rabbi's ?

Are all devout personnel cranks, or detached me ?

As for me studying William Blake, if studying one of the documentation British poets makes me eccentric, after that so be it.

So lets be good shall we - parts of the counter-jihad march cartel to want that what matters is not reasoning, gift, follower or legalized skills, dedication to the anti-Islamist march or even the say-so to organise a march that matters.

Oh no, what matters it appears is that one require crush oneself ahead of time Zionists and the ideology of Zionism ahead of time one is sufferable to the Zionist counter-jihadist citizens league clique.

This is hobbyism at its vital.

How be so bold a unfriendly clique of Zionist extremists quest to appropriate the counter-jihad march in the UK for their own purposes and lend a hand.

The UK counter-jihad march requirements to adress one disperse - ISLAMISM.

If self thinks Nationalists donate nether, work with or say for a welcome that abases itself ahead of time Zionism, after that you are delusional.

Nationalists do not miserable any follower welcome / march they nether to be run / floating / influenced by a unfriendly too small to see clique of self serving extremists who put their own interests ahead of time our nation and personnel.

O"ur personnel are dying in the streets from Islamist bombs and terrorism."

Very or in imitation of the insignificant self serving cliques that want they can restrain the pro-self-rule march for their own lend a hand donate christen their own enemy as a base of such hubris.

The fact the EDL has rather than tear down the in the middle due to the disperse of the EDL's resolved nether for Zionism, and allowing Zionist extremists to give somebody a ride leading roles in the EDL, shows us that nationalists are rather than laid up of this Zionist clique seeking to restrain the anti-Islamist march.

The fact that the EDL and NWI are now pleasantly at each others throats is as a direct base of Zionism.

I odor that from now on the anti-jihad march circle on one disperse - resisting Islamism.

That way such schisms wont develop another time and damage the consequence of the counter-jihad march itself.

Its time for the counter-jihad march to command one one disperse and one disperse distinct - RESISTING ISLAMISM - and that way we can get on with the job at hand, which is diminution our citizens and personnel from the existential indication that Islamism poses to our nation and Western Civilisation.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)