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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Festival Of Belenus

Festival Of Belenus
Belenus, whose name plot "Biting One," was one of the utmost ancient of Celtic gods. The Celtic fire gala, intended on the eve of the principal of May, important as Beltane, (the fires of Bel) is I assume consequent from the name of this deity. Beltane fires were lit to encourage the sun's joie de vivre. These fires to boot had restorative properties and farm animals were herded together with them early for instance loosed on the new spring pastures.

Accurately related to the Druids, royal leader of science, healing, hot springs, fire, success, prosperity, refining, crops, foliage, vibrancy. It is raw that Belenus (Bel, or Beli) was a fire deity, a goodhearted person of flame and the sun's restorative powers (which explains his paradigm society with Apollo). Primary he may have space for been a rural deity and in Cymric myth is partner in crime with farm animals, sheep and crops. Conversely this may be equally Beltane was the time that herds were moved to the high pastures.

The Celtic god of light and healing, "Bel" plot "lustrous one," or in Irish Gaelic, the name "anger" translates to "sacred tree." It is agitate that the waters of Danu, the Irish All-Mother goddess, fed the oak and bent their son, The Dagda. As the Welsh Beli, he is the get going of Arianrhod by Don.

Saver of sheep and farm animals, Bel's gala is Beltane, one of two superlative Celtic fire festivals. Beltane celebrates the return of life and vibrancy to the world -- marking the beginning of Summer and the developing sense.

Plunder place on April 30, Beltane to boot is sometimes referred to as "Cetsamhain" which plot "divergent Samhain." The word "Beltaine" moderately plot "fine" or "bright fire," and refers to the excitement lit by a presiding Druid in kindness of Bitterness.

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