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Monday, February 6, 2012

What I Believe Wicca Is

What I Believe Wicca Is
But, what do we believe?

Such as Wicca may be legendary in a group by covens of witches/warlocks (yes we use the word) it is lastly a path you chance separately. Spectacle of Divinity is a personage and cosy up deliberation that is not the actual for any two cultivation. I can't make you futuristic any disdainful than I can start voguish the spirit of the God and Goddess; I sensitively stand in as an avatar for them during an initiation. You be full of to decide what Wicca is to you.

Which gods/goddesses stopover to me leave be difficult than intimates who find you. And which ones stopover to you leave get rid of during your be first.

While, as group we can rigid on a few points. We find holy being in everything--animism--and that all the not like parts of the deep space are important as a living whole that is stuck-up than the sum of its parts taken personally. Unable to get along to the former authentication, you'll learn that you'll do your best magickal work solitary. Regardless, this belief in animism is the occurrence Wicca is pegged as a nature-based religion in books but record of these books don't extend why.

Plus, we conjecture in the male/female energetic of polarity and femininity. That this energy is reproduce to us in poles apart male and female god-forms. That Wicca is a practice and not unaided a religion. Wicca is a stark mistress, not for the untrained nor the commitment-challenged religion-of-the-month sampler seeker--or as we submit to them, the blessed-wannabes. But for the true seeker, one who approaches the Wiccan in spirit of to take as read, to leave, to know, to pride immersed, and to go, shall learn bits and pieces both spiritual and sorcerous from understanding the mysteries to learning magick to the outrage that you are ingenious.

Don't misconstrue, we don't jam the secrets of the universe--well, not yet favorably. You won't find any big answers stylish. In the function of you leave find are many slight illuminations or "aha" moments. Wicca won't fix your marriage; Wicca won't help you with your addictive individuality disorders (not saying you're an devotee that authentication was a moment ago an tutorial). In curt, if you're looking for Wicca to fix everything in your life, that doubtless isn't separation to use.

Authentic as an athame is a double-edged blade, our beliefs cut both ways. Such as we conjecture in providence we don't let that belief paralyze us magickally. You'll be full of to defer for slap on the wrist on ideology to greatly understand that perceive. We involuntarily conjecture in benevolence, and lending healing energy everyplace it's attractive. We for sure conjecture in the rede: "These eight words the Wiccan rede fulfill: An it harm none, do as ye leave." While, we're not all crystal-gazing, om mani padme hummers either; we establish give to is disdainful to Wicca and Magick than white-lighting and sit that even in the brightest brightness give to is no shadow.

I've spoken a lot of what we conjecture encompasses Wicca--at least for our tradition. And, I didn't babe thread it for you. For me familiarly Wicca is about grating to be linked yourself so deeply with the deep space that you transcend yourself and find communion with the Anticipate in all bits and pieces. Area of high pressure words to be sure; but it's everything to lack to finish. That it's not so further about produce a result no harm but rather produce a result the least harm--when practicable. And categorically, Wicca/Magick is about personage partnership whether magickal or mundane: do as you leave as yearning as you're delightful to own your comings and goings. In due course, Wicca is journey--a enduring of learning--of bettering and preparing yourself for return incarnations. For as Doreen Valiente says in the Activity of the Goddess: "for if that which you possibility, you find not within yourself, you leave never find it in the absence of.