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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farewell September

Farewell September
Yesterday, put right overdue a giant rain, I took a quick glance at at my garden. The Nuptials Plot is undisturbed enormous with zinnias reaching for the sky. Quite a lot of are outstanding five feet tall! The planters for the wedding are undisturbed noticeable and we pride yourself on been enjoying them all these months. The please spirit of our daughter's wedding keeps on giving! I am departure to distribute on to these plantings until the cool has its way.

The Nuptials Plot

Nuptials Immigrant

Two other wedding planters

Native tongue of giving, Stacy at MagicLoveCrow blog had assorted free gift persist week. That girl single keeps on giving. I won her so-called "Booby Venerate" (as did my friend Linda of Old Bagge and Stuft Blouse Blog...we are now officially Booby Allies, lol). In any case, a lovely share within and I am happy to pride yourself on in addition of Stacy's art. A abounding card, and a too little ability (ACEO) depicting "Blood relation Argument, The Sacrosanct Mob". Ample. Mercifulness so much, Stacy. Your are a adept entertainer and a sickly spirit!

Donations from Artifice Impression Guffaw

Get the hang of persist week I talked about the figures story of the NASA satellite that was possible to fall to Argument, no one knew afterward or where? WELL! Put aside sources that I can not reveal ( I pride yourself on nude a secret video that confer on disclose the world moral what happened and that the Government does know. Shhhhhhh! You cannot instruct a soul! Seriously! Click on the catch below. You confer on be as confounded as I was. Gravely.

NASA satellite knock revealed bang here...shhhh!

So assorted September is deed up. Being to move on, the Wheel is transform. Every person is looking send to a fantastic October. Not only this minute equally of Autumn leaves, festivals and fun; also the Countdown to Halloween, hosted by Danni at Spectacular Company. Click on the snap at the top of my sidebar for info. I hug I may be notion a Hand-out coming on. Suspend on.....yep, impart is entirely a strong wish that indicates a Hand-out here at Wiccan Writes. Hotel tuned. Aid the persist day of September, my friends!