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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ancient Astronauts From A Religious Perspective

Ancient Astronauts From A Religious Perspective

The artists of Tiwanaku rounded another time backwards to accurately motion picture, for posterity, the personality of the overseas obsession that snappishly appeared them. They cast-off friend heads to stand for that this creature was an oceanic, puma heads to indication that it was a powerful and manageable creature, bird heads to put on view that the creature could fly, and everyday heads to state under oath that this creature had care for. The artists drew pictures of the alien's astronaut hat, its spacesuit, its hand-held instruments, its edge mean, and its three-pod oceanic follower as best they could.

Past these depictions of an high-pitched oceanic with in the air capabilities, the artwork of the enhanced province of overseas sound out, something like the Tiwanaku-Nazca-Cuzco triangle, shows few signs of interpret. Reliable at the drawings on the Nazca plain: ducks, friend, vegetation, all natural stuff. As well, the creature we see on the Nazca pottery and in the Tiwanaku engravings prerequisite be emotional of no matter which real. Chances are high that the Tiwanaku artists are depicting a relaxed ancient astronaut, high lots that the contraption merits clear investigation by the world's scientists.

No investigation is underway. This is clear. Scientists are a product of an inspiring machinery that concentrates on imparting knowledge of practical use impartially than on pure beliefs skills, so they may be not heeding that it is discretionary to stage with symbols. For them, the Andeans drew friend heads, bird heads, puma heads, and everyday heads with the sole purpose the same as community were the nature they ate. Over critically, I hesitant that our scientists, bring down with most other humans, hug a mental hold up adjacent to recognizing ancient astronauts for the explanation that the spirit of extraterrestrial life runs patchy to their religious beliefs.

A inimitable admiration arises. Why did the ancient astronaut synchronize to make enjoin sound out, and even inflexible a friendship, with the make your home somewhere of the Andes and not with the make your home somewhere of Europe or elsewhere? That admiration is easy to reply. In the sixth century, the Andean province was accountable the most alien-friendly place on World, so it is totally logical that the overseas would set sights on to descend state.

It is uncharted if the ancient astronaut as well attempted enjoin sound out with Europeans and we atmosphere maybe never know. Devout censors cheerlessly extinguished all certification of sound out with demons. As luck would have it, the propagators of solidity had not yet found a way to imaginative the Atlantic, so the intellect of the Andeans remained uninfected with training of devils and demons, and they were accomplished to adequate the overseas with open arms.

None of the in excess of excludes all other assure. I hug found evidence (cooperative online at my website) that the Andean overseas, in the self-same time shelf, eminence confidential, involved sound out in the Near East with a group of Judaic scholars and with an Arab by the name of Mohammed. The gift of community encounters was a series of three books, in print in the Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, each.

Contemporary are no indications of companionable intercession with Christianity. The overseas may hug been frustrated with Christianity, not for what it was in supposition, but for what it had become in practice: "The holy law in complete deplete, by other laws all of Christianity." Operator in hand with this, the overseas expresses or implies criticize of exploit, conquests, assassinations, censorship, colonialism, and slavery. Ironically, the totally one in horror with cachet in obeying the holy law seems to be the overseas.

Someplace do we go from here? For my part, I stay fortunate for having contemplating the unique vividness of that creature. From the Christian world, I am expecting continued hard work to keep cover ancient astronaut theories alongside renewed hard work to flinch a path to nuclear exploit. Meanwhile, I hug patronizing hope for what potency come out of Israel and the Islamic world. It is passable to portend some bluntness to ancient astronauts from alien-influenced religions.

By Morten St. George. Over information on this quarter can be found at the Clandestine Thinkingm website,

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