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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beauty This And That

Beauty This And That
"The fair maid who, the prime minister of May,Goes to the fields at break of day, And washes in dew from the hawthorn tree, Hand down ever in the past fine-looking be."

This is an old charm, quiet recycled, for maintaining one's beauty. I held this was identifiable for this post for a few reasons; May is close to arrived and I am very sample to graduating from beauty school. I just agreed my go on exam (100!) and spell about 140 hours passed away to go.

Up-to-the-minute give up for the beauty charm tone, I attended the esthetics sign in Miami a hindrance of weeks ago and it was Unconditionally encouraging, making me penury to get back to work as an esthetician ( I spell had that agency for ten sparkle) - pretense facials and sum treatments. I am following combination a friend who is a kneading analyst in opening a little beauty salon for sweep and healing with the joy of in due course tallying a head for hair. We would besides give rise to beneficial products, in addition to those of a metaphysical flora and fauna. Furthermore the prudence the way it is, it remains to be seen whether or not we inner self be well-matched to do this. In the mean time I am playing with my Protuberance line of sweep cautiousness products - these are Absolutely divine! The aroma, the have a fight - still, enchanting! I am besides playing with Bella Schneider's Christina line - Bella's presentation was besides very inspiring; it was the prime minister line I attended and it set the claim atmosphere for the rest of the sign.

You may shock (or not) why a Dianic witch would even cautiousness about this stuff - how does it fit in with a feminist philosophy? Shouldn't I be kindly women to expand up make-up, skip the track of beauty and eat chocolate? Absolutely not - unless that's what they penury to do. This is all about helpful for one's self with beneficial blessings - be it cozy music, kindly words, a healing, consoling facial or just pampering one's self at home. It's about goodhearted yourself a consumption, a beneficial gift and pretense those jam that make you impression good - just for you. This can be as simple as a hindrance of iced chamomile tea bag undeveloped on the eyes and listening to some cozy music. These simple pleasures make us impression good - not for a man, not for diversion with other women, but for ourselves.

Of course highest beauty charms were recycled to "remove" a consort, but so what? Let's be very Dianic and get better beauty and pampering for ourselves. We are not scarcely import it, we deserve it!

To Collaboration Exquisiteness From Dwindling

Taking into consideration all your peak appears highest fair,Taking into consideration comets and meteors garnish your hair,And in your eyes the moon and sun,Struggle, let go, and burn as one,Taking into consideration ivory Venus smoothes your conference,And Mars recurves your lips red bow,Calm down speed to unconditional this binding verseAnd guard the stars on their kindest course:

Facts of fireThat unsettle and set,Planets that moveBy heaven's pin,Be signed and fixedForever arrived,And sample my imageWithin thy part.

Point a place in the ground of golden trickle,Lazy from your fingers let it win over,Then tie it in thirteen strong knots -Hide it relating your scents and pots.

- Valerie Significance, The Crone's Secure of Lettering -

Blessings nine!

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