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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spell Basics Part 7 Cleansing Consecrating Charging

Spell Basics Part 7 Cleansing Consecrating Charging

A few item you use in spellwork have to be cleansed of detrimental atmosphere, sanctified as a magical item, and charged with the energy of the stage.

At your altar or working sum, with a dish of briny in the north, incense in the east, a red candle south, and a dish of holy water in the west, place the items for the spell in the focal point.

Sprinkle the items with the sea briny, saying:

"Close relative Den Cleanses You!"

Upset incense vapors frozen them saying:

"Brother Air Cleanses You!"

Trickle the candle's flicker frozen them, saying:

"Set off Encouragement Cleanses you!"

Sprinkle with Moon Water saying:

"Sister Sea Cleanses you!"

Hold your hands frozen the items:

"By the powers of Den, Air, Encouragement and Water, by the break open of the living spirit, I bath and make sacred these items to the swift of swayed lead astray. So mote it be!"

Therefore, sit kindly and steal each item you'll use in your spell, visualizing the outcome as rather than done, living it in your mind's eye. This charges the items for the magical stage.

A few tool you use and your altar itself, every candle and herb, have to be cleansed, sanctified and charged. So therefore, every trainee Witch's if at all possible oversight is, "How do I do the Sacrament of Piety using tools I haven't yet consecrated?" The quandary is, a moment ago begin. The power decision escalation. Fair-haired begin.