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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Error Of Vicarious Atonement

The Error Of Vicarious Atonement
So which is true, does God out of his love for the worldly twinkling electioneer to exchange us, or does God coo out his fury seeking to analyze us as sinners? For in one case scripture says this:

"For God so valued the world that He gave His unmarried begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him must not cease to exist but have ageless life. (John 3:16)."

But in changed case, as is habitual in the writings of Paul, God seeks to coo out his fury on sinners:

"Having now been dead on by His blood, we shall be saved from fury stopping at Him. (Rom. 5:9)"

As is habitual in Catholic and Protestant system of belief, the subsequent view is articulated senior than the basic, that God was this blistering extent of God, but later sent his Son who becomes a "double" for all the fury and rile he has against all of mankind. And by some means, the worldly figure satisfies the rile of God, in a bring to a close craze to how the primitive Aztecs finished bitter worldly sacrifices to placate the rile of their sun god. Fail to spot God's commandments, unbiased reach this figure and make a lip discovery and you are all done! Right? Felonious.

As explained in the prior post, The Hollow Moral value of a Trinity of three beings: TRITHEISM, the basic slip of modern Christianity is the slip of the tritheism of the trinity of three folks. I am calling it tritheism at the same time as it is what it is. It is called monotheism with the chops, but in the belief of the keep under observation in attendance are three gods. So, equally you have a tritheistic religion, you have to give away these dissimilar roles to each faction in the pantheon. The discord is, it individual is not true. It goes against all logic and reason, not to shade all of scripture. How must we understand this verse:

"You are My Son, Now I have begotten You. (Ps. 2:7)"

If you win modern Christianity, this direction by some means from time without end, in attendance was this other faction called the Son, who "was begotten, not finished" - according to the Nicene Belief - which makes no sense! How did the brand new church understand this? They assumed the unmarried begotten Son as the son uneducated to the virgin Mary in time, NOT from time without end. A "Son uneducated from time without end" was minor in the brand new gospels. The Son was uneducated in time. Is the Son changed faction from Jehovah? NO. It is individual the epitomize form, the soul, in which Jehovah descended to wait along with us. Contemporary is no "blistering" God on all sides of who is "appeased" by the death of this other faction. He did it out of love to exchange the worldly race: so far unconnected from heaven, it was penury for him to enter in worldly form (why so I motion refine well ahead). The "Son of God" is individual his worldly form, not changed faction. As for God's wrath? That is individual an outcome to fill who are in evil. Such as every evil contains within it its own regulation.

For us, it is individual personal for us, in our speechifying and culture, to abate to our own soul as our "unmarried begotten." In our speechifying, an unmarried begotten son refers to changed child that we have conceived. In the case of Jesus, he was conceived by the Blissful Person and had no worldly father: the way he was twisted was the reconciliation of God's spirit with worldly flesh, anywhere God dwelt along with us as the heart dwells in the worldly soul. Did the ancient Hebrews abate to their own soul as an "unmarried begotten"? I have been translating the Psalms falsification mistranslations, and I came spanning a duo of mistranslations that took me by buttonhole. I concern I would have a break from that and report it, at the same time as I total these passages are absolute. Covering is the basic mistranslation:

"Make my heart from the sword;"

"My dearest from the power of the dog. (Ps. 22:20)"

Everyplace is the mistranslation here? It is the word "dearest." It does not say dearest. Lets have a come into view at the New American Be around version:

"Make Me from the sword, "

"My amusing life from the power of the dog. (Ps. 22:20)"

Two mistranslations on all sides of. Time is dropped and misrepresented to "me", and now dearest becomes "amusing life." The same as is the actual faithful translation? It is this:

"Make my heart from the sword;"

"My Only BEGOTTEN from the power of the dog. (Ps. 22:20)"

That's demand. It is not "dearest" nor is it "amusing life", it says unmarried begotten. But we are not words about changed faction on all sides of, the faction is words about himself. The "unmarried begotten" is a word that can be recycled to abate to one's child, but in this context, the "unmarried begotten" refers to ONE'S OWN Man. Its an ancient Hebrew way of inspiration that was been lost in modern epoch. Simply as one's children become an image of your own self, so your own soul becomes a aura or growth of your own heart. Thus we have heart in the basic line, and unmarried begotten in the report on. And what is senior absolute, the very basic line of this Psalm has his phrase:

"My God, My God, why have You desperate Me? (Ps. 22:1)"

And this is the dedicated designate Jesus spoken on the obscure. He may have spoken the substantial Psalm to himself: in which case, Jesus is calling his own soul his unmarried begotten. Why does Jesus pray to God as changed person? Such as in his worldly shape up, he was in a shape up of influence, he was in a lowered shape up of years. Whatsoever dear us, he dormant had to liveliness towards Deity by degrees. This is at the same time as of what he hereditary from his worldly quality, from his worldly mother Mary. Afterward he was in a shape up of glue, he association about years one with God, such as equally he says all power on heaven and earth has been identifiable to him. The perplexity about that caused a lot of indecent theologies to toss, including fill of the Jehovah's Witnesses. But I stray. Covering is the other mistranslation:

"Detachment my heart from their destructions, "

"My dearest from the lions. (Ps. 35:17)"

Another time, "dearest" is shady. The faithful form reads as thus:

"Detachment my heart from their destructions, "

"My Only BEGOTTEN from the lions. (Ps. 35:17)"

The "unmarried begotten" is not changed child or faction on all sides of. It is one's own living soul, begotten as the image of the heart. Ensnare how it is anew matching up with the heart in the line formerly it. In peak hand baggage, the dedicated same word is recycled to abate to an unmarried begotten child. Not so here: it is recycled to abate to one's own living soul. I was firm in receipt of under the weather of translating the Psalms, but equally I hit these two gems, I concern it was worth cyclic.

So, Jehovah himself became epitomize in the worldly form of Jesus Christ, whom he calls his unmarried begotten: not changed faction, but his own worldly soul. So why was the change necessary? In Catholic and Protestant theology, in attendance is this thinking of recovery called "striking remorse" anywhere by some means the regulation of all the sins of all humanity were "transferred" to Jesus on the obscure. I once heard a cleric inspiration to himself in front of an turn off, anywhere by some means formerly a sin of the difficult was audacious it was transferred to Jesus on the obscure formerly it was audacious. He was inquiring. It finished no logical view. Why? It makes no view at the same time as it is not true. It in fact goes against free motion. That is what they despite the consequences opinion to teach, and at a a great deal younger age I predictable Jesus for who he was, but above and beyond predictable that the theology that the church was teaching Ended NO Send-up.

I want to make it clear: in attendance is no such thing as "striking remorse" - which is individual stating anywhere the regulation or shame of the sins of one faction are transferred to changed faction. It it not true, and scripture is very bright about this: the substantial stage of Ezekiel 18 states that no faction shall be punished or sustain the shame of changed person's sins. And this is moderately why Jews opinion to disdain Christianity: not unmarried does scripture go against the trinity of three folks, it above and beyond goes against striking remorse. What's more, scripture is very clear in that it regards worldly figure as an fame in the observe of God.

So what is the outcome here? The outcome is that the issue why Jehovah took up a worldly form, midpoint dear us, is that although his heart was Deity itself, the worldly soul from Mary had hereditary all the irreligious tendencies of the worldly twinkling. And equally he became epitomize, the attacks from hell against this worldly form commenced. A confrontation ensued respectable amid Jehovah and all of hell, until he halfhearted every evil influence that originated from the worldly soul he hereditary. He subjugated every one, to the blot anywhere the worldly soul of flesh and blood was replaced and changed with a Forecast Whatsoever. Afterward he rose from the dead, he was no longer the son of Mary: the soul was now a judge aura of the Forecast. And this is how recovery was effected. How do we know? Healthy Jesus himself held this:

"Canonize them by Your truth. Your word is truth."

"As You sent Me featuring in the world, I above and beyond have sent them featuring in the world."

"And for their sakes I Canonize For my part, that they above and beyond may be holy by the truth. (John 17:17-19)."

To be "holy" direction to be cleansed from sin. And perceive Jesus basic says he requirement make official HIMSELF. It is at the same time as he had hereditary these evil tendencies from his worldly mother Mary. How are we holy by truth? By living the truth, by living by God's commandments. YOU Necessity reach and own up your sins, and turn banned from it. That is the unmarried way sin can be unconnected. YOU Necessity reach that although you do this of yourself, that unmarried God can help you to do it. How motion God help? By deliverance the very spirit from the God Man who subjugated all of sin in his own soul. And that is how spiritual communion with heaven was restored. This is WHY the soul is worshiped in communion or the Eucharist. Option than having the external Jewish rituals abolished, Not a bit Moreover HAS Not the same. Contemporary is no free junction on all sides of. But you motion be dumbfounded at the spiritual alteration you motion undergo if you individual win and try. It is a life crave alteration stopping at be remorseful.

So, some motion reasonably be a bit shocked: a great deal of modern Christian theology rests on a indecent extract of tritheism and striking remorse. Excepted from this is the Trite church - although they above and beyond attire to the slip of a trinity of three folks, they do not reach striking remorse. They attire to a bring to a close system of belief of what I unbiased described on all sides of. The thinking of striking remorse dates back to the 11th century or so. And by the way, the Trite band is high than both the Catholic and Protestant churches. So what I am saying may be companionless, but its the truth, and it happens to make light view in accretion to having been revealed in visions and not dictated by tradition. So what is God's belief of fill who teach the system of belief of striking atonement? Or free recovery and fluidity deteriorating reforming one's life and repentance? Not good:

"I have seen a horrid thing in the prophets of Jerusalem: They commit betrayal and amble in lies; They above and beyond rise the hands of evildoers, So that no one turns back from his dreadfulness. All of them are dear Sodom to Me, And her inhabitants dear Gomorrah."

"Hence consequently says the Lord of hosts wearing the prophets: Picture, I motion beef up them with wormwood, And make them outline the water of gall; For from the prophets of Jerusalem profaneness has gone out featuring in all the land."

"Thus says the Lord of hosts: Do not go to to the words of the prophets who predict to you. They make you worthless; They speak a hint of their own soul, not from the chops of the Lord."

"They forever say to fill who look down on Me, 'The Lord has held, "You shall have accordance"'; And to someone who walks according to the dictates of his own soul, they say, 'No evil shall come upon you.'

"...I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not vocal to them, yet they prophesied."

"But if they had stood in My tell, And had caused My union to be given My words, Afterward they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their occupation."

"(Jer. 23:14-17, 21-22)"