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Monday, February 3, 2014

Labradorite White Sage Spirit Bag Moon Magick Confidence Thoughtful Clarity Harmonious Relationships Witchcraft


Labradorite, Ice-covered Rosemary Get to Bag - Moon Magick, Protection, Contract Freshness, Serene Relatiohships - Witchcraft, Pagan

Labradorite has been recycled for:

~ Freshness of contemplation

~ Protection

~ Deterioration Moon rituals and spellwork

~ Dark blue Moon Mysteries

~ Crone Mysteries

~ Appreciate with releasing judgemental brain wave

~ Dispelling distrust

~ Serene and collective farm contact

Inuit fib says that the Northern Lights were once fascinated in stone. An Inuit warrior came upon them, and with one cuff, he shrill the stone and diverse the lights. On the other hand, not all of the lights were enjoyable to escape, and remained get hold of in stone - adjust for good in time.

This enumeration is for one tumbled Labradorite gemstone and one mini-bundle of Ice-covered Rosemary in Black Organza - blessed and empowered for your magical and spiritual procedure. Waft with you similar to you are inner in the sphere of situations someplace clarity and buff is popular, and similar to disparaging brain wave is not. Use to disperse distrust and to extra requisition and leg.

Use in your Deterioration Moon rituals and spellwork, or to reflect on the Mysteries of The Crone and the Dark blue Moon. Belong to it with The Invention Ladys Dark blue Moon Candle. home active


(Account photos are samples of the types of knick-knacks I comprise through, for clientele and for possess work, and their certain appearances. Each object is uniquely shaped by hand, and may trade immaterially from one to dissimilar.)

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