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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

David Jackman Bible Reading Workshop Iii Sharpening The Application

David Jackman Bible Reading Workshop Iii Sharpening The Application
Hard with permission. See good name to J

In the third in a series of Bible reading workshops organised by Legal action Timothy, David Jackman alert on the call for of biblical record. This is a plan of the workshop:

It is repeatedly held that introduce is an uncomplimentary punch-up between the Bible and the 21st century. But if we song thoroughly, the similarities are overwhelming: we are immoral, equal the land in the Bible, and God is the exceedingly God he was then.

God in the Bible and God now

The Bible is God preaching God to us. Come by in the prime session we saw that the Bible was God informer himself to us. Utility + Description = Explanation. Has God misused from the biblical get older to the 21st century? No! Is the God of the Old Tribute and the New Tribute the same? Yes! God is constant. So what we song at the Bible, introduce is a forward pass on between the God of the Bible and God now. The call for is the exceedingly now as it was then.

Come by what we learnt in the further session: what confess I learnt about Jesus and God? So what I confess learnt hasn't misused like God is eternal. He is one creature (whilst he is the Launch and the Son and the Dutiful Move) and he is one God informer himself. At the same time as I confess learnt about God in the Bible is non-discriminatory bona fide to me today.

Israel in the Bible and the House of worship Now

The line between Israel in the Bible and the church now is a freckly line. They are not the exceedingly. (1) Israel then was under theocratic regulate, and so introduce were laws for that nation of Israel. We cannot aspiration to impose the laws of the Old Tribute on a multicultural, multireligious nation now. And it would be a transgression reading of the Old Tribute in any contention. (2) Roman 8:9 tells us that what we repent and cleave to, we confess the Dutiful Move in us. Civilization of the Old Tribute didn't confess the Dutiful Move all the time indwelling in them all the time. The Move was inclined to them for a since, he did his work and he departed. He came and went. In John 7:37-9, Jesus was verbal skill about the Dutiful Move and somebody who is called to safety in the gospel and does so phantom confess the Dutiful Move. The Dutiful Move is eternal, but he had a discrete ingredient in biblical get older as he has now. (3) The prohibitions in the Old Tribute were hypothetical to teach Israel to advise themselves from other nations. But now in the New Tribute, Jesus abolished victuals laws so that now you can eat pork and shellfish (provided of course they are fair cleaned). Now the church is prepared up of oodles nations so we do not try to advise ourselves from other nations but from the world.

So you non-discriminatory can't run off with jam from the Old Tribute and be suitable them to ourselves today.

Biblical Symbols and Us

Transport the part of a set of Gideon in Courts. Gideon sought God's phantom and asked for a sign. And as you know he put out a pigskin and the pigskin was dry what the alight on the order of it was wet, and it was wet what all on the order of it was dry. A variety of land holder that as an part of a set and what they nasty to know God's phantom for them, they put out a pigskin. Metaphorically of course, not that they go up to their bedroom, holder the sheepskin rug and lay it out in their plot. They ask God for a sign, they ask God to report them what to do.

So let's say you're not certified if you necessity be a follower and you're assembly at the bus restriction and you say to God,"If you really nasty me to be a follower, hearten let the next bus be a 165." And the next bus "is" a 165 and you go,"Oops, maybe I shouldn't confess asked..." We sometimes nasty God to tell us what we actually nasty for ourselves.

Offer is the story of a man who wasn't certified if he necessity go out to missions. So one day, he held to God,"God, if you nasty me to be a follower, hearten report me a sign. I'll be looking out for a sign all day today, so hearten report me a sign." So he went to work and on the way, he stopped up at a shop to buy some journalists. It happened that at the shop introduce was a promotion chart, promoting Brazilian out of control. So the man gets chaotic and phones up his cleric and says,"I penury come and see you today! God is representing me to be a follower in Brazil!" So the cleric meets him at night, hears him out and says,"Wasn't it good that they weren't achievement a promotion battle on Mars bars?"

We necessity not deed games, pretending we're Old Tribute duplication what we're not!

God does report us his phantom, but not on our provisions. We are to use our minds, pray and try doors of opportunities. We are to safety God and pursue in his route. When all's said and done, God is not in the exceedingly fly as us. He requests to mould us and invent us, but we nasty to be achievement the job "now"!

So a strength in the Bible does not bring round non-discriminatory to me now. I phantom not involuntarily confess to do the exceedingly jam that the strength does nor phantom I honorable confess the exceedingly experiences.


as I learn about God in the bible story, I know how God phantom network to me. Transport the story of the natural ability of Abraham. I do not, equal Abraham, confess to move to diverse land. but God does ultimatum us equal he did Abraham, non-discriminatory not in the exceedingly way.

I cast-off to know Sir Norman Anderson, an old Christian and a lecturer of Islamic studies. He passed out some existence of his minor in Egypt which is somewhere he learnt so furthest about Islam. But earlier he departed for Egypt, he was reading the Bible in his quiet time and he diffident seeing "do not go down to Egypt", "do not go down to Egypt". You see, he was reading Jeremiah.

Transport the assassinate of Paul to Timothy. If you were a being, you don't confess to make itself felt with Timothy bit you would pray for public makeup in your cleric. If you were a before time cleric, you may well believably make itself felt advanced thoroughly with Timothy but you aren't Timothy in Ephesus.

The Bible "is" significant but we confess to be suitable it in the right way.

Let's song, for part of a set, at 1 Peter 2. We are not leaving to get rid of the credo that we confess seen so far. In 2:1 we see a "and so". For instance you see a "and so", you ask what it is introduce for. It refers to the endure piece, to the word of the gospel, the word that stands still, optimism in Jesus and use in him. So what? This is the gleaming neon light, the call for. If the word of God has brought me to new raw and created in me new love for God and brother, then love cannot co-exist with falsehood, mendaciousness, distrust, smear. Dear one diverse thickly street to love one diverse at full stretch: equal a sprinter in the Commonwealth Athletics, stretching towards the cassette. Offer was this show jumper who ducked too against the clock and the other creature won by, absolutely, a core like he was really stretching out everything towards the ending line.

* What? is the exegesis
* Why? is the importance
* So what? is the call for

* and then introduce is How?

If you are preaching to me, hearten tell me the how. The vicar tells me what and I go home sway sad but I don't know how to render.

In 2:2 we see, "equal" - a linking word. So 2:1 and 2:2 network together. As you bash the gallantry of God, you phantom yearning for advanced and advanced simple spiritual milk (in the Greek, it is absolutely "spiritual word milk"), so you phantom put unfashionable sins. As a mother wrote in the Bible she was generous her son as he was leaving to university:"Sin phantom accumulate you from this book and this book phantom accumulate you from sin".

Baby early do not ask,"Mummy, may well you hearten grant me some milk?" No. They shriek for it. And you know if you confess a honorable young child, he requests advanced and advanced of it. For instance I was preaching wherever moreover, they put me up in a benefit room in a hospice. Obliquely the square was the fatherliness area and babyish, very babyish in the emerge, you would be awakened by early screaming, brawling for milk. You advantageous earplugs if you were leaving to spell slumbering.

So how do you get rid of sin? You need the Bible. And as you read the Bible advanced and advanced, as your minds are laden with God's word, as your hearts are set on fire, you phantom put off sin.

It cast-off to be held that John Bunyan, the Puritan journalist of "Pilgrim's Scamper" had biblime blood. If you cut his blood, the Bible would heave out of it. He was so laden with God's word it was a part of him and his whole life.

It is the Bible, God's word, that is deep, not experiences that I confess to accumulate monstrous to carry out on to.

If we find we are unfounded or desirous etc (and of course we all are. As Christians we penury be honest; honestly with God and each other), then we longing the Bible. We do not try harder. It is not stacks to get jam out. Come by the spirits that were cast out by Jesus? We penury put something moreover in place.

No Imperatives Deficient Indicatives

We had a Scottish instructor in college who would say "no imperatives defective indicatives". Don't grant instructions defective wisdom. If you do, you phantom confess very wear out legalistic land. Culture leads you to understand and esteem the instructions.

1 Peter 1:13-16 is a series of instructions. But they are not on their own. In 1:13, we see a "and so" (so we ask what is it introduce for). If you know all this, and you put your want in the chance, you phantom befall equal strangers and aliens in this world. In 1:17, we are to befall our lives in reverend be anxious. So what? ultimatum on the Launch. How? by the prosperous blood of Jesus.

The outworking of teaching penury be seen in practical ways. For part of a set, what we confess seen with the spiritual milk ahead of.

2:11-12 is a limit. 2:13 tells us how. Not, ooh, let me come up with how we can do this, but we penury get back to looking at the record. 2:13-3:9 is diverse series of instructions. But you ask,"Why necessity I do this if my employer is getting advanced out of me than I am from him?" Directives are bordered by teaching: 2:21-24, like Jesus did this; he gave his life. Why did Jesus do this? Seeing that he was weak? No, like he was strong. He did it for the redemption of all. How necessity I overcome? Not by a report of weight or by leaving to war. Not eagerly thick-skinned my rights (bit not creature a knot either). Aspire a matyr held,"They can holder the top from my back, my run from my shoulders but not Jesus from my mettle".

Directives are the prime area happening the call for of the concentrate. But they are laden out by teaching which expands the instructions. So don't non-discriminatory get a set of set of laws but what God requests and how to do it.

(In the break, someone asked how one would get the call for from an Old Tribute concentrate. David held that it would come out of what the story says the call for is. The archetype OT concentrate cast-off in Cornhill was 2 Chronicles 12:1-22. The vital mood is that God is non-discriminatory. If they lowly themselves earlier the Peer of the realm, he phantom confess charity, but if they don't, he phantom reason them and chop up them.)

1 Peter 3

Let's song now at 1 Peter 3. You proposal I'd bound this, didn't you? No, well, offer we are. We longing to song at:

* what it says;
* its covert meaning; and

* the call for.

We are accumulating a toolbox you see, for reading the Bible.

Jesus Preaching to the Self-esteem in Send down

1 Peter 3:18-22 is one of the utmost awkward passages of the book and, some say, the whole New Testament:

18For Christ died for sins when for all, the fair for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the entrap but prepared personified by the Move, 19through whom in the same way he went and preached to the spirits in labor camp 20who disobeyed yearning ago what God waited determinedly in the days of Noah since the ark was creature built. In it chastely a few land, eight in all, were saved despondent water, 21and this water symbolizes naming that now saves you also-not the removal of foulness from the entrap but the token[e] of a good ethics on the road to God. It saves you by the reappearance of Jesus Christ, 22who has gone happening nirvana and is at God's right hand-with angels, enterprise and powers in agreement to him. (NIV)In 3:18, we reunion once more the word "for". At the same time as is it introduce for? It is the part of a set of Jesus, illustrating 3:17. Offer is quotation to the crotchety and quotation to the reappearance. He preached (the Greek word is "proclaimed") what he did in the reappearance to the spirits in labor camp.

Now the dishonor we ask is: what was Jesus achievement between the time he was on the edge on the crotchety and the pall in the temple was notched happening two and the moment what the stone of his mausoleum was rolled unfashionable and he came out of it? At the same time as happened between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning?

Adequate, it seems that he was preaching to the spirits in labor camp. These spirits were from the day of Noah. Allegedly they were insubordinate and were ensnared by God. Let us go back to the Old Tribute like introduce is no dividing page between the Old Tribute and the New Tribute. Emergence 6 is a sphinx-like concentrate. Credibly, the magazine columnist was verbal skill about holy beings who were not united by time but God headstrong that humans would be life form and their days would be numbered. God reduces the lifespan of humans like humans confess been contrived by these fallen angels and confess rebelled against God. God phantom chop up mankind for their insubordination, their immorality.

We necessity song for other passages in the Bible which in the same way help us understand this passage:

* 2 Peter 2:4-10 seminar about angels creature chained up in the milky depression for sinning against God and then about the annihilation of mankind in the days of Noah; and

* Jude 1:6 seminar about angels who did not come to rest within their own become hard of legitimacy creature diffident in handcuffs in milky depression until the day of judgement.

So introduce are 3 crass New Tribute references to public angels who did not agenda to God but wanted to confess legitimacy beyond themselves. God threw them out of nirvana and leap them. If Jesus preached to them, he proclaimed his gain beyond death and beyond sin by his reappearance. Satan and his angels confess been beaten. Jesus wasn't preaching them an evangelistic speech so that they would cleave to in Christ. He was proclaiming his gain.

2 Peter tell us that water was how Noah was rescued. He was decent in the ark on the water and the ark brought him despondent the flock. Offer were 8 land in all (1 Peter 3:20). A variety of land say that living in the ark would confess been equal living with your in-laws in a zoo! But if there's a flock skin, I'd moderately be in the ark even if it doomed living with my in-laws in a zoo. The flock waters which busted the world in the same way buoyed Noah and the rest of the land in the ark despondent the judgement happening use, like God in his charity provided this special street of recover.

Spinal column to 1 Peter 3:21. So if you are wrapped up in Jesus, God's special street of recover for you from his judgement, then Jesus phantom be the ark that takes the judgement on your behalf (equal the ark stony the flock) and he phantom bring you happening use.

"Baptism in the Greek is "to duck". This does not forward to a modern baptismal system of full incorporation but it street "sunk". So an ancient seller wrote to his creditors "I cannot pay my bills like my ship has been baptised in the oceanic".

This incorporation happening water is a sign that the old life has been washed unfashionable and the creature is raised once more as a symbol of new life. The old life is contained, is sunk, now song at the new. It's not about having a good clean, a coloring in the emerge. It's a sign that you are in a new likeness with God. (Of course, if you nasty to lose all your converts very at once, you carry out them under the water for too yearning.)

Now song at 1 Peter 3:22. The whole life is in agreement to Jesus, and angels good and evil. Why be nervous that you are aliens and strangers in the world? Jesus is in beyond compare legitimacy beyond everything moreover. The land Peter was words to knew that what they were baptised and what their names came up in the Cappadocian Era like they were in precision with the magistrate, introduce was no be anxious of the bad-tempered powers or of evil spirits or sin. Jesus had brought them out from all this and we can't be advanced definite than what in Christ.

The call for is this: we can confess faith like our use is definite. We confess a good ethics towards God and God has zero against us.

This prepares us for 1 Peter 4. "So" (1 Peter 4:1), in the function of Christ suffered in order to be our ark, introduce is no leaving back to sin. We do not befall for evil worldly requirements but for devoutness.

Slip and Admission Internment

Q: How were we supposed to confess civic that "be officious" is "make a speech" in the Greek?

You don't confess to know Greek to read the Bible like the Bible is for somebody. But, if you are leaving to be officious or teach the Bible fulltime, it would be sound to know some Greek. If I am in the dentist's chair and she's poking on the order of in my jawbone, I would be gist to see a permit on her wall. If I am leaving to be a physican of souls, then I longing a bit of New Tribute Greek and Old Tribute Hebrew. I'd vastly advise WE Vine's "Expository Glossary of Old Tribute and New Tribute Mail".

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