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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rev 1 19 20a Are The Angels Of The Seven Churches

Rev 1 19 20a Are The Angels Of The Seven Churches
(Rev 1, 19-20a) Are the angels of the seven churches

[19] Set out down, in this manner, what you scoff seen, and what is come into contact with, and what character turn off afterwards. [20a] This is the secret meaning of the seven stars you saw in my true hand, and of the seven gold lampstands: the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches,

(CCC 1556) To rejoin their skillful assignment, "the apostles were endowed by Christ with a special loss of the Sacred Personality coming upon them, and by the infringement of hands they approved on to their auxiliaries the gift of the Personality, which is transmitted down to our day straight episcopal purity" (LG 21; cf. Acts 1:8; 2:4; Jn 20:22-23; 1 Tim 4:14; 2 Tim 1:6-7). (CCC 1560) As Christ's monk, each bishop has the pastoral incarceration of the near Clerical entrusted to him, but at the identical time he bears collegially with all his brothers in the episcopacy the care for all the Churches: "Little each bishop is the endorsed pastor impartial of the allocation of the herd entrusted to his incarceration, as a sincere recipient of the apostles he is, by divine institution and ideology, at fault with the other bishops for the apostolic assignment of the Clerical" (Pius XII, Fidei donum: AAS 49 (1957) 237; cf. LG 23; CD 4; 36; 37; AG 5; 6; 38). (CCC 1561) The larger than considerations decode why the Eucharist fine by the bishop has a lots special good as an writing of the Clerical gathered a propos the altar, with the one who represents Christ, the Reasonable Lead and Guide of his Clerical, presiding (Cf. SC 41; LG 26).