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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Appropriation Of Divine Lifeforce

Appropriation Of Divine Lifeforce

I discussed in a preceding flood that I expectation to begin my reversal ritual on the Menacing Moon of February 17th the whole time the overturn of course moon. In this banter I accidental the moon's overturn courses to rectified Tohu, and to opening to exhibit the Sunny of rectified Tohu (with which to power form of the ritual's detainee) via the system of opening a new jar of black sesame seeds.

Pleasingly, the day I expectation to do all this, February 17th, is afterward the bicentenary of Hindu goddess "Kali Mah" . Kali is a Sanskrit word meaning both "time" and "black", fair crave the Menacing Moon is both "time" and "black". Really, in terms of ritual detainee, Kali Mah (or oddly, Mah Kali) is a Wonderful Feminine paradigm of tolerance, leave go of and justification. A bellicose goddess of turbulence and profound remark, Kali Mah is so far an show of tolerance. The "tolerance of turbulence" is kabbalistically called chasdei David hane'emanim and is accidental to a photocopying of the 50 Gates of Assistance. In other words, Kali Mah is accidental to 100 Gates of Assistance.

Transliterated during Hebrew font, Kali Mah is, meaning "my all" and "multiplying". In other words, all that I know and understand desire be multiplied in theology. How can I say in holiness? Since afterward way one-hundred (Gates of Assistance, for plan) , the expenditure of the letter of theology which is kuf. can mean two-hundred too . So, bestow is a "multiplying twofold cut" of knowledge and understanding connected during the symbolism of Kali Mah.

The twofold cut linked with Kali Mah newborn chains her join to the dream of rectified turbulence, fair as the mitzvah of challah and its twofold cut (of loaves) is linked with the rectification of turbulence. In terms of justification, Kali Mah's twofold cut is too related to the twofold cut of nevuah standard by Elisha HaNavi.

Kali Mah is a Menacing Idol, crave the moon of February 17th this court is a Menacing Moon. As the heavenly magick of overturn of course moontimes of the advent ritual, the Hebrew letter kuf command the Mah of Kali's name corresponds to the power of the affair realm to expropriate heavenly Wonderful lifeforce. So, this describe of the day newborn chains the ritual aspire on the way to slap.


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