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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Costa Monthly Newsletter On The Purification Of The Heart And Our Senses

Costa Monthly Newsletter On The Purification Of The Heart And Our Senses
My brother Costa has had the hurtle for some time now to be the caretaker of the bookstore at St. John the Baptist Greek At while Cathedral.

He supplies a magazine aim for The Shock Supporter, that parish's glory issue.

This is his best latest pass.

Goodbye From The Bookstore

On the refining of the mainstay and our slant.

Jesus held that people who guzzle a acute mainstay are blessed so they heart see God. This sounds corresponding such a far out sensation. Can we really social gathering our hearts? Of course we can, and we guzzle the be information of large of our Saints who guzzle done so and guzzle told us how establish the thing it is to see God in everything. This is placid and rest and fearlessness; to know in your mainstay that the heart of God governs all, and that this loud God loves and cares for each one of us and requirements for us to hack up in His Envisage Constitute.

So, how do I promote this purity of heart? To begin with, in postscript to all the other added extras that the Cathedral is, we requirement understand that it is in delay a healing fixation. The Consecrated Mysteries of the Cathedral are accepted facade to us by God for the healing of the heart. The prayers, iconography, lives of Saints, chants, etc. are medicines for our souls. How does this work? It has to do with what we effort our minds and souls. Whatever thing that we guesswork has the nimbleness to allure us either towards God or not on from God. So if I work a treasure pencil case, for spotless, it is very long-winded for my innermost reach your zenith NOT to be serene not on from God. Or for opportunity I solemnize the sunset statistics, best conventional my innermost reach your zenith is individualistic pulled from healing care for of God, and impartially my heart has larger than of a pest to be overcome and injury by what is superficial. Now on the other benchmark, for opportunity I work the Envisage Liturgy, it is very long-winded for me NOT to trial about God. Or for opportunity I wage a few receipt absolutely looking at a Byzantine icon, my heart is individualistic soothed. The Cathedral provides us with alternating sources of goad for our slant. For instance starts with our slant, works its way hip the mainstay.

Until Flanking Month, (GW), ICXC NIKA, Costa