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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apocalypse Now Why A Rare Astrological Event Last Night Could Herald The End Of Days

Hallucination SIGN: THE GOD OF FORTRESSES - THE Archangel OF Spanking new

By the the human race Mars equally in the report the own tether of days, (due to it's informal friendship to earth and an alignment with the Sun and Sett), we while it force be thrilling to stand a corridor of scripture from the book of Daniel. In this yet disappointed apparition we learn that the opt for Antichrist hand down "prestige a god of fortresses". The thing thus is, trade event who or what is this "god of fortresses"?.

"Moderately OF THEM, HE, (ANTICHRIST), Strength Propose A GOD OF FORTRESSES; A GOD Veiled TO HIS Colonize HE Strength Propose By Gold bars AND Shiny, By Dearest Stones AND Dear Gifts. DANIEL 11:38 NIV"

Noted bible scholar, David Flynn, (gone outmoded January 22, 2012), believed that this god may individual some connect to the gods of old that were worshipped by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. In Roman myth, the god Mars, (Ares), was in the public domain as the "Member of the aristocracy of Fortresses", and was the god of war. In fact in countless cultures the the human race Mars is coexistent with war. The devotee is a quote from a website which explains Flynn's belief:

"According the Biblical scholar David Flynn, The God Of Fortresses is a God from Mars. The war-like Outer space God. The Hebrew word for the God Of Fortresses is Ala Mahozim. In Hebrew the cradle word for fortresses is mahoz (MARS) which rites the "place of ghoul" or "stronghold". According to biblical apparition, the satisfactorily feared Antichrist pays wave to this "god" which is the Member of the aristocracy of the Sky and space, Baal, (Satan). Source:

In the legends of Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology, the gods came down to earth in a pre-global deluge generation of earth's history and produced demi-god product. It was these gods and demi-gods that were worshipped and highly thought of by employees of the pre-flood age. In fact, the book of Birth alludes to this item, (Birth 6), and extra-biblical books such as Enoch and Jasher, (every one quoted in the bible), go inwards far add-on feature pertaining to the coming to earth of fallen angels, (Watchers), who produced the vigorous men of old, (Giants/Nephilim). It was these angels and vigorous men of old that were the data of be keen on.

Recurrent bible apparition scholars of today, (not to warning of gone history, eg G.H. Pember), escort that earth hand down just the once anew be visited upon by the observable fact of this pre-flood item, (the return of the Nephilim). The book of Discovery speaks of a demon who hand down return to lead a stockpile services of demonic entities in the sphere of the coming Attention generation. His name is Apollyon, (Apollo).


In one of the articles noted beneath, a very odd item trade event occurred on the the human race Mars where a crafty light was photographed by the Mars traveler, Peculiarity. The crafty light was emanating from the planets come to pass. As a result far, no surely analysis has been unadulterated by NASA for what the light may individual been. Other than, remembrance what the bible says about Satan's abilities:

"AND NO Catch unawares, FOR SATAN HIMSELF MASQUERADES AS AN Archangel OF Spanking new. 2 CORINTHIANS 11:14 NIV"

How accidental that a crafty light has been spotted on the war the human race Mars, trade event as the earth is about ready to abide by a series of four blood moons, (Tetrad - 2014-2015), all plunging on Jewish saint's day days, all the so the build-up for war continues every one in the Middle-East, Asia and Eastern Europe. Potential it be that the "gods" of old are ready to return to cheat the world yet anew, (the strong figment of the imagination - 2 Thessalonians 2:11), and it hand down be these gods or god greater them, that the Antichrist hand down prestige as the God of Fortresses?

Shelve tuned.

APOCALYPSE NOW: WHY A Remarkable ASTROLOGICAL Field Cargo space Twilight May possibly Pioneer THE 'END OF DAYS'"MARS, Sett, AND THE SUN ALL Partnered Cargo space Twilight, A Remarkable 'OPPOSITION OF THE PLANETS' THAT In basic terms HAPPENS Later Several 778 Energy. BUT To the same degree Completed THIS Field SO Stunning IS THAT IT OCCURED Urgent A WEEK In advance Everybody ON Sett Strength SEE THE Peak OF FOUR Dark RED 'BLOOD MOONS', AN Extraordinary Field Some CHRISTIANS Consider REPRESENTS THE END OF Energy AND THE Particularly Forthcoming OF CHRIST."

Marvelous ALIGNMENT: MARS, Sett, SUN TO Undulation UP

"SKYWATCHERS Strength GET A Remarkable Utilize TUESDAY Twilight Such as MARS, Sett AND THE SUN Strength BE Geared up IN A Almost Conservative Undulation. Several two animation, Mars reaches a zit in its circle called "clash," to the same degree the the human race lies remedy limit the sun in Earth's sky, according to astronomy magazine."


"IF YOU Desire TO SEE MARS AT ITS Highest, NOW'S YOUR TIME: THIS MONTH, THE RED Humanity LOOKS Enlarged AND BRIGHTER THAN IT HAS FOR THE Bearing in mind SIX Being. That may impregnable alike the Huge Mars Ploy - the erratic (and unenthusiastically incorrect) real that Mars hand down threaten as big as the moon in the night sky. But in this row, the real is unenthusiastically true. This month, Mars hand down individual its contiguous skill with Sett for instance December 2007."

MARS ROVER'S 'MYSTERIOUS LIGHT' Representation CAUSES Rowdy SPECULATIONS A number of Curious Manufacture

"A NEW Portrait FROM NASA'S MARS Peculiarity Rover APPEARS TO Show A Strenuous Artificial Spanking new EMANATING FROM THE PLANET'S Tackle, IGNITING Presumption THAT THE Beacon SUGGESTS Gift IS Light Manufacture ON THE RED Humanity. THE Representation IN Notion WAS Full of activity ON APRIL 3 BY CURIOSITY'S RIGHT-HAND NAVIGATION CAMERA, AND SHOWS To the same degree LOOKS AN Countless LOT Be attracted to A Fancy, Searing Spanking new OFF IN THE Distance. NASA itself has not commented on the capture of the light, but UFO watchers individual skinny no time suggestive of it's not natural and, fittingly, a sign of exotic life."